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Is Apple about to launch AirPods 2?


Apple recently set tongues wagging in the tech world after it ran out of stock of its bestselling AirPods.

The tech giant's online stores across Europe showed zero availability for the wireless headphones, which have proved a huge hit since their launch two years ago.

What's in store with the next-generation AirPods? Here's what we know so far.

Tech-watchers immediately assumed that new, noise–cancelling AirPods 2 were being readied for launch.

Apple is said to be holding a launch event for its revamped iPad Pro range soon, with new AirPods thought to be on the agenda.

However, the stores quickly showed stock was available, with shipping estimated for Friday 19th October.

That turn of events hasn’t stopped speculation that AirPods 2 could be imminent.

An update to the earbuds is long overdue, even though Apple has been reworking its Beats range of headphones in recent weeks.

New AirPods are expected to feature noise cancelling technology, as well as support for wireless charging.

Apple revealed an AirPods wireless charging case last year, alongside it'd AirPower charging mat, and any new version is expected to come with the charger in the box.

Siri support is also expected.



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