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  5. Samsung’s foldable phone will also work as a tablet

Samsung’s foldable phone will also work as a tablet

And it could be announced as soon as next month.

More details have emerged about Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy X foldable phone, as the fabled device finally appears ready to hit the market.

According to Samsung Mobile boss DJ Koh, the device will offer the functionality of a tablet with multi-tasking and a big screen, but can also be folded down to be a pocket-sized phone.

This is in line with a concept Samsung touted four years ago.

In the accompanying video, it showed off a tablet that folds in half, with a secondary screen on the outside for notifications and the like.

Samsung could unveil the device at its developer conference on 7th November. Koh himself is giving the keynote speech.

In the recent interview, he cautioned that the device wouldn’t be a gimmick and would have to offer real benefits to the user, otherwise he wouldn’t sign off on it.

“When we deliver a foldable phone, it has to be really meaningful to our customer,” he said.

“If the user experience is not up to my standard, I don’t want to deliver those kind of products.”

While initially a niche product, he believes the Galaxy X will create consumer demand. It’s not that unheard of.

Just a few years ago, big-screen phones were seen as a novelty, and now they’ve become the norm.

That said, the Galaxy X is expected to sell for as much as $2,000, which is sure to limit sales for foldable phones in the short term.



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