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Sky Mobile announces prices for iPhone XR

iPhone XR all colourways hero size

The iPhone XR is available to pre-order from tomorrow morning, ahead of it hitting the shops a week later. And with hours to go until pre-orders commence, Sky Mobile has announced its pricing.

The network is offering the handset on a Swap24 contract from £34 per month. That’s on a 24-month contract, and includes 1GB of data, plus unlimited minutes and texts for Sky TV customers.

Not fully au fait with the iPhone XR? Here's what you need to know.

Those not with Sky will have to pay pay-as-you-go prices for calls and texts, or shell out £10 a month for the same unlimited deal.

Pick up the phone on a Swap12 contract with the same allowances and you’ll pay £44 a month if you're an existing Sky TV customer. Or £54 if you're not.

Like other networks, Sky lets you roll over unused data to add it to next month’s allowance.

The XR is the cheapest of the new iPhones, though with a SIM-free price of £749, it’s no one’s idea of cheap.

If you can pull together the cash to pay for the phone upfront then get a cheap SIM-only package. It generally works out cheaper than buying the phone on contract.

Though many like the option of spreading the cost of the handset over 12 or 24 months.

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