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  5. The Galaxy S10 and Note 10 won’t have screen notches, Samsung hints

The Galaxy S10 and Note 10 won’t have screen notches, Samsung hints

Slams the Google Pixel 3 on Twitter.
Samsung Galaxy S10 renders hero

Notches are all the rage since the iPhone X debuted the tech last year. A notch is a cutout in the screen that contains the phone’s front-facing camera and other sensors to enable unlocking by facial recognition. But it seems Samsung isn’t on board with them.

It slammed the Google Pixel 3 on Twitter recently, claiming that “you could land a plane” on the phone’s notch. Which suggests it won’t be using a notch for its upcoming Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 smartphones.

It’s widely believed that the notch exists because smartphone makers want their handsets to have an all-screen front, but haven’t found a way to build the fingerprint sensor into the screen without compromising its performance.

Some firms put the fingerprint reader on the back, but for reasons of comfort and usability, this isn’t an ideal solution.

The OnePlus 6T will reportedly have an in-screen fingerprint reader, but it will be slower than those phones that don’t have it built into the display.

Could Samsung be the first company to crack this problem? The S10 will be announced early next year, so we’ll find out then.


Twitter, via T3

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