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Android Q set to support foldable phones

Next–gen Google software set to back mobile makers’ quest for new form factor.
Google Android foldable software UI hero size

Google’s next–generation Android Q software is set to offer system wide support for foldable phones, as the search giant backs Samsung’s plans for an all–new form factor.

Following Samsung’s unveiling of its foldable smartphone earlier this week, reports have emerged suggesting Google is looking to make life as easy as possible for developers wanting to create apps for folding devices.

This includes allowing apps to start on one display and transfer seamlessly to another when a device is folded shut or opened out into tablet form. Google will also make it imperative that apps can ‘multi resume’ when a foldable phone is opened, meaning all open apps start up right away when it switches form factor.

Android Q is not expected to be revealed until May 2019 at the earliest and is unlikely to make it onto most compatible phones until 2020.

However, Google has made it clear that Samsung will not be the only mobile maker releasing a folding phone over the next 12 months. Huawei is expected to be fast out of the gate, as manufacturers aim to change the staid designs of smartphones which have dominated for over a decade.


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