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iPhone XR gets notification expansion tool

iPhone XR notifications hero size

Apple’s new iPhone XR does not pack 3D Touch smarts, the feature which can distinguish between long and short presses on the screen of pricier models, including the iPhone XS.

However, a new software update looks set to bring some of 3D Touch’s skills to the latest iPhone.

iOS 12.1.1, which is currently being tested by developers, allows users to hold down on a notification to see its rich content, such as a video or image. Until now, users have had to swipe across and tap ‘view’.

Apple has been able to add this feature thanks to the iPhone XR’s Haptic Touch function, which can register longer presses.

This is a happy middle ground for many iPhone owners, most of whom have found 3D Touch to be an unnecessary addition to the standard practices of swiping and tapping on their smartphone’s screen.

Apple has not said when regular users will be able to get their hands on iOS 12.1.1, but it’s likely that the update will be pushed out to iPhones before the end of the year.

The California company is hoping that the iPhone XR can help boost sales after the iPhone XS failed to give it a push in the three months from July to September.



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