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  5. OnePlus 6T ‘thunder purple’ colour coming Thursday

OnePlus 6T ‘thunder purple’ colour coming Thursday

OnePlus 6T logo

The OnePlus 6T will soon get a new colour option. The ‘thunder purple’ colour scheme will be available from Thursday in the UK, the firm has announced.

Just like the midnight and mirror black versions of the handset, the thunder purple model will come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and costs £529.

It has all the same features as its differently-coloured brethren, including the in-display fingerprint scanner. This sees the fingerprint sensor placed under the screen, allowing the screen to take up the entire front of the device. We’ve tried it, and it works a treat.

In order to keep the screen taking up the whole front of the phone, other companies have had to place the fingerprint sensor around the back of the device, meaning it’s less convenient to press. Or in Apple’s case, they’ve dropped it altogether.

The thunder purple version will be available from, Amazon, Carphone Warehouse Online and John Lewis.

Thunder purple isn’t a solid colour. Rather, it’s a gradient that fades from black to purple from the top to the bottom of the handset.

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