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OnePlus 5G phone will be out ‘by end of May’

OnePlus 6T dash charging hero size

OnePlus’s 5G phone will be released by the end of May 2019, according to the mobile maker’s CEO.

Pete Lau says that the device, which was recently confirmed as the first phone in Europe to use Qualcomm’s upcoming 855 processor, will be up for grabs by early summer, backing up last week’s announcement that it would be sold exclusively through EE.

However, Lau was keen to downplay its 5G potential, adding that, “The 5G product is not expected to equate to huge sales.”

Instead, Lau claimed it was all about laying the groundwork for 2020, when 5G is expected to take off following its initial launch next year.

The OnePlus 5G is set to be significantly more expensive than the current OnePlus 6T and next year’s OnePlus 7, with 5G components costing more to source.

However, by launching so fast, the Android manufacturer may find itself competing properly with Samsung and Huawei for the first time. The latter pair are due to offer 5G phones in 2019 as well.

For its part, Apple is thought to be holding out until 2020 to release its 5G phone, as it looks to assess the market.



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