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  5. Google’s I/O Android developer conference to start on 7th May

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Google’s I/O Android developer conference to start on 7th May

Expect plenty of big Android news.
Google I/O 19

Google has announced the start date of its next I/O developer conference: 7th May.

The annual conference sees Android developers convene from all corners of the globe to talk all things Android.

Google usually announces a bunch of new features, impressive usage stats for Android globally, and generally blows its own trumpet about how well the operating system is doing.

In typical cryptic fashion, Google hid the start date in a puzzle that it tweeted out. Only programmers were able to decipher what was going on, and uncover the start date of the conference.

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At last year’s I/O, Google unveiled its controversial Duplex AI project, which lets an AI programme pretend to be a human on phone calls to book appointments.

Following criticism, Google announced it would be more transparent in letting people know they were talking to a computer.

Which is needed – the AI is so accurate it can even add in “uh-huh”s and other distinctly human conversational mannerisms.

We can also expetct the usual updates to some of its most popular apps like Maps, Lens and News.


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