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  5. Next iPhone to have 3 rear cameras, rumours suggest

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Next iPhone to have 3 rear cameras, rumours suggest

iPhone 11 concept video January 19

Your next iPhone could have far more advanced photography options, reports suggest, as Apple bids to take on the imaging might of Huawei's and LG's triple-lens cameras.

Reports suggest that Apple plans to release an iPhone this year with three rear cameras.

Just like high-end Android handsets from the likes of LG and Huawei, this would allow for more shooting options like ultra-wide-angle pictures.


Apple’s XS and XS Max have two rear cameras, which went down well with our specialist camera reviewer.

The triple-camera set-up would feature on the successor to the iPhone XS Max, which is Apple’s top-of-the-range phone.

As well as wide-angle snaps, the third lens would capture more pixels so you could fix your videos or even fit in someone who you accidentally cut out of the photo.

Live Photos – stills that capture a brief video before the shutter is pressed to put the snap in context – would be increased from three seconds to six.


The report also says Apple is testing versions of this year’s line-up that replaces the Lightning port with USB-C.

USB-C is used by modern Android smartphones, and would open Apple’s handset range up to a wider selection of third-party accessories.

It would also mean you wouldn’t need a special charging cable for your iPhone, as it would work with Android chargers.

The USB-C rumour has done the rounds before. While this report doesn’t confirm it, if true, it does at least show Apple is seriously considering it.



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