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Samsung Galaxy S10 will have 5G, Samsung hints

Bigs up its 5G ambitions.

Samsung has talked up its plans for 5G, dropping a few hints that its S10 smartphone will be its first phone to boast the technology.

Speaking at tech conference CES in Las Vegas, Samsung said it was “the first company to receive FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval on our commercial 5G equipment”.

The FCC has to approve all consumer electronics hardware before it can go on sale in the US.

Samsung went a step further, and said 2019 would see the “first 5G smartphone to be released”.

5G will allow smartphones to connect to the internet much faster than 4G. This would make for speedier browsing, and – crucially – much faster download speeds.

It would also make for smoother streaming of music, movies and games, with less slowdown and fewer hiccups.

Rumours abound that the S10 will offer a 5G model, though it could cost more than the standard S10.

Apple is reportedly holding off on a 5G phone until 2020. This would be in keeping with its established mobile strategy.

Though experts have warned that because 5G is such a huge leap forward, by holding off Apple could risk losing customers.

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