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  5. Samsung plasters Paris in ads for its foldable phone

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Samsung plasters Paris in ads for its foldable phone

Ahead of next month’s Galaxy S10 event.
Samsung Unpacked Paris ad

Next month sees Samsung launch its 10th anniversary Galaxy S phone, alongside its first ever foldable smartphone. As such, it’s going on a marketing bonanza.

The South Korean firm has bombarded central Paris with giant billboards promising the next stage of its evolution will be shown off on 20th February, the day of its Galaxy S10 event. There are two billboards, both in its native Hangul alphabet: one reads “The future unfolds” while the other has the date 20th February.

Samsung has shown off its foldable phone (dubbed Galaxy Fold) at an event in November, as well as at CES last week. Next month’s event could see it given an official launch date, price and specs. Or maybe Samsung will just tease us with a few more details.

Expectations are high for the S10. The S9 had disappointing sales, and Samsung hasn’t made any real technological breakthroughs for a couple of years now, so here’s hoping the S10 doesn’t disappoint. We’ll bring you all the rumours in the run-up, and all the news live from the event itself.

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