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Huawei P30 Pro leak shows 3 rear cameras, lots of fingerprints

Prototype spotted before next month’s launch.

This is the Huawei P30 Pro. Or at least a prototype version that’s been shown off ahead of next month’s launch.

According to DigitalTrends, who got hands-on with the prototype, the phone is non-operational but “almost completely final”. In other words, it’s as close to a finished version as anyone has seen.


The flagship phone sports three rear cameras, much like its predecessor, the P20 Pro. The difference? All three lenses are the same size, and are housed in the same unit, instead of the two-and-one set-up on the P20 Pro.

It sports a highly reflective chrome finish that was “covered in fingerprints” and “heavily scratched”. Lots of glossy phones are magnets for fingerprints, but most are pretty resilient to scratches. Either Huawei’s is a little fragile, or it’s been put through some pretty rough testing.


Design-wise, it’s very similar to the P20 Pro, standing about the same size and about the same weight. One change: it has the same tapered edges as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which should make it comfortable in the hand.

Sadly there are no pictures of the front of the phone, as reportedly it hadn’t been finalised. So maybe this prototype isn’t as finished as we’d thought.


What else do we learn about the phone? There’s a USB-C port on the bottom, a SIM card tray on the top, no headphone jack and there are volume and power buttons on the right-hand side. Obviously it didn’t switch on as it wasn’t a working model.

The phone is rumoured to offer a 10x optical zoom, which would let you get in very close to your subject with no loss in quality. But this leak doesn’t confirm that.

We’ll know for sure once the P30 Pro launches on 26th March at an event in Paris. Stay tuned until then.

It’s been a busy time for Huawei. The firm recently launched its Mate X folding phone. Not only does it have bigger screens than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it’s also 6mm thinner when closed. Though those specs come at a price – it will cost a bit more than Samsung’s already £2,000 handset. Ouch.



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