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  5. Get a free Samsung Galaxy S9 when you buy a TV, ahead of S10 launch

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Get a free Samsung Galaxy S9 when you buy a TV, ahead of S10 launch

Buy a new TV, get a free phone.
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus hero size

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will launch on 20th February, but Samsung has a great deal before then – when you buy a new TV, it’ll give you a Galaxy S9 completely free.

You’ll have to buy a QLED TV, namely either the Q9FN, Q8FN, Q8CN or Q8DN models. These are some of Samsung’s most premium tellies, so they don’t come cheap.

However, you will get a Titanium Grey Galaxy S9 handset, worth over £700, for free.

What was our take on Samsung's current top-of-the-range phone? Read the Uswitch Galaxy S9 review.

The two devices play nice together. You can set your wi-fi passwords and TV’s screensaver using the phone, plus you can ‘cast’ content straight from your phone to the big screen.

This can be content stored locally on the phone, or streamed from the internet.

The deal runs until 12th March and launches ahead of the arrival of the Galaxy S10, which is set to land on 20th February.

But the S9 is still a fine phone, with a big, bright screen and a superb camera. It’s more than capable enough for most smartphone users.

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