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iD Mobile freezes SIM only prices

Network keeps prices the same in wake of hikes from major carriers.
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iD Mobile has revealed that it is freezing the price of its SIM only contracts for the third year running.

Dixons Carphone’s network confirmed the plans in the wake of a slew of price rises from its major rivals.

What to do when your phone contract goes up in price.

EE is raising costs by 2.7% in April for pay monthly customers. O2 and Three are putting prices up by 2.5%, the latter doing so in May.

Vodafone, meanwhile, has said it will do the same, with Virgin expected to follow in the coming weeks.

O2 says that those on its Refresh tariffs will only see rises to the airtime part of their bill, with the monthly cost of their handset remaining the same.

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The rises are in line with inflation and Ofcom guidelines, but could still leave customers surprised if they’re not used to checking their monthly expenditure closely.

The networks have defended their position, saying they are sending text messages to customers informing of the impending changes to their bills.

iD says that with its costs remaining the same, it will still be able to offer the UK’s cheapest SIM only deal, costing just £3.99 a month.

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Because networks are entitled to raise prices by the rate of inflation, consumers cannot break their contract without penalty.

However, it’s worth considering when your contract ends and contacting your network to see if you could be on a better deal.

Taking out a SIM only contract on 30-day terms also means that you can switch plans quickly, an option especially good for those happy with their existing device who want to save money too.

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