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Check out the One Plus 7’s pop-up camera in this concept video

The OnePlus 7 is expected to launch next month, and now a new concept video teases what we can expect from the flagship phone.

Uploaded to YouTube, it features conceptual renders of the upcoming handset. They show off a stunning all-screen front and a pop-up camera that has been rumoured previously.


In recent years, phone makers have been making slimmer and slimmer bezels, heading towards devices whose entire fronts are taken up by the screen alone. From these pics, it looks like OnePlus has come as close as anyone to perfecting it.

The pop-up front-facing camera is intriguing. It’s not the first we’ve seen of its kind – Vivo and Oppo have shown off phones with the same mechanism – but OnePlus is the most mainstream phone maker to be linked to the feature.

On the back is a triple camera set-up.


It’s worth pointing out that this design is based on rumour alone, so has no basis in fact. Nevertheless, it seems pretty on the money. Android flagships are increasingly sporting three rear cameras, and the pop-up front-facer is just the kind of left-field innovation OnePlus could try.

OnePlus started life as a niche phone maker, aiming to disrupt the mainstream by offering flagship specs at bargain bin prices. To buy one, you had to receive an invite, which created the illusion of exclusivity while also helping the firm keep costs down.

Now it’s broken into the mainstream, with its handsets stocked in John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse.


The OnePlus 6 launched last May, prompting speculation that the OnePlus 7 will follow next month. The firm also releases an incremental upgrade later in the year – last year it was the OnePlus 6T, which launched in the autumn.

The firm has confirmed it will launch a 5G handset this year, meaning it could launch three phones. Either that, or the OnePlus 7 will be 5G.

Either way, it’s shaping up to be quite a phone. We’ll bring you more as we get it.

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