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Sony Switch Up trade-in deal doubles the value of your old phone

Sony XZ3 music screen hero

Sony has introduced a new trade-in programme called Switch Up, which doubles the value of your old phone.

Swap in your handset and Sony will give twice what it’s worth in Sony vouchers. You can use these vouchers to buy a range of products across Sony’s portfolio, including smartphones, TVs, headphones, speakers and more. The phone you trade in can be made by any manufacturer, not just Sony.

Sony XZ3 homescreen in hand hero

Here’s how it works. Swap in an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB and you could get either £245 in cash or £490 in Sony vouchers. These could get you a WE66 Full HD Smart LED TV, or a bundle consisting of a pair of WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones (worth £329), an SRS-XB21 Bluetooth speaker (£100) and an SRS-XB10 Bluetooth speaker (£60).

Want a bigger, badder telly? You could put that cash towards an AF8 4K HDR OLED TV, bringing the price down by almost £500. Not to be sniffed at.

iPhone x 2018 screen

The trade-in value of a phone varies depending on the model, age and condition. For example, an iPhone X is worth £900 in Sony vouchers – proof, if it was needed, that iPhones hold their value really well.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB is worth £105 in cash or £210 in Sony vouchers, while the 64GB iPhone SE will get you £70 in cash or £140 in Sony vouchers.

The trade-in scheme is live now. It also applies to those who recently bought an Xperia phone from Sony. If that’s you, head here and register your old and new phone. Send in your old device, and once it’s been verified, you’ll get your Sony vouchers sent out. Or just trade in your old device using the same link.

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