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iOS 13: Apple’s plans revealed ahead of June launch

iOS update hero image

Apple is plotting a series of major tweaks to its iOS software for iPhones and iPads, with a new report revealing just what to expect when it officially unveils its next–generation version in June.

Bloomberg has got the scoop on a slew of iOS 13 features designed to take on existing third party apps and give iOS the edge over Google’s Android platform.

iOS 13 concept video shows 40 feature rumoured for update

Leading the line is a new Dark Mode. Long rumoured, this function, which switches the screen to darker blacks and greys when being used at night, can be toggled on and off within Control Centre.

iOS 13 dark mode

Apple is also said to have made a series of changes to iOS’s interface, with new animations when opening multitasking.

It’s also likely to make a big play of its refreshed Health app, which is said to come with a streamlined home page and details on hearing health, related to the volume that audio is played via an iPhone or iPad. It’s also said to be including a new menstrual cycle tracking function, taking aim at popular non–Apple made apps.

Screen Time will now allow parents to set limits on contacts, preventing children from calling specific numbers after a certain time. Meanwhile, Apple Maps is due for an overhaul to make it a richer experience more akin to rival services from Google.

iPads will work as second screens when paired with iMacs or MacBooks, while a new Sleep Mode will offer sleep tracking via a paired Apple Watch. The latter will give Apple the chance to take on the success of FitBit and other health trackers.

Apple will reveal its iOS 13 plans at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which kicks off on 3rd June. New plans for its Apple Watch are also expected, with source code set to be poured over for details on its forthcoming iPhone XI handsets.

iOS 14 is also in the works, according to the same report. It will be released in 2020 and offer 5G support as well as a new–look home page.



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