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New iPhone software lets you send unknown numbers to voicemail

iOS 13 dark mode

Apple’s new iPhone software comes with the ability to send calls from unknown numbers straight to voicemail, something which should prove to be a hit with consumers tired of getting spam calls.

The ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ function was not mentioned when Apple unveiled its new iOS 13 update during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this week.

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However, eagle–eyed developers who have had early access to the software found the feature within the Phone app. It can be toggled on and off manually, allowing iPhone owners to decide whether they would like to field such calls themselves or have them automatically ignored.

With the ability to send callers to voicemail, it’s doubtful important information will be missed, while those who have accessed and used your number for nefarious reasons are unlikely to leave you a message and can be ignored if they do.

Apple’s new iOS 13 update comes with a whole host of new features, including Dark Mode for easier viewing in low light conditions, reworked Photos and Reminders apps, a new swipe keyboard and the ability to further customise Memojis.

The platform also comes with aped improvements across the board, as well as faster downloading times.

iOS 13 works with iPhone 6s and above, including the iPhone SE. A public testing version will be available in July, with a final build due to be unleashed in September, at the same time Apple reveals its new iPhone range.

Apple has also released an iPad focused edition of iOS, called iPadOS. It comes with a new home screen and is built to better represent the tablet’s desktop–focused approach.



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