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Special new iPhone could come with in–screen fingerprint scanner


Apple could be bringing back the discontinued Touch ID fingerprint scanner, if a new report citing supply chain sources proves true.

Word is that the California company is priming new, in–screen fingerprint scanning tech for a special iPhone set for release only in China.

Sources say the tech, which will be used instead of the cutting edge Face ID, will be broadly similar to that found in Samsung’s top–end Galaxy S10.

Before the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple was said to be prepping in–screen fingerprint scanning, only to opt against it when it became clear how accurate and secure Face ID was.

However, the latter has pushed prices up significantly, with Chinese consumers voting with their feet and deciding to buy devices from local suppliers such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

Such a move would be unlike anything Apple has done before. The importance of the Chinese market cannot be underestimated. It’s thought that poor sales of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR in the country were the prime reason for Apple issuing a surprise profit warning at the start of the year.

Apple is expected to launch a trio of new iPhones in September, all based on current models and with only minor tweaks. By launching a Touch ID–based handset, it may give itself a sales boost while consumers hold out for 2020 and redesigned devices that come with 5G tech.


Global Times

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