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Audacious mobile SIM promises clearer calls for those with hearing issues

This new mobile network lets you take a hearing test, then broadcasts calls at the optimum frequency.
Audacious SIM sign

Today sees the launch of a new mobile network that promises clearer calls than all its rivals. Audacious lets customers take a hearing test to determine their unique hearing profile, then tailors the SIM card to broadcast at the optimum frequency.

The result? A completely personalised hearing experience, meaning clearer speech and more comprehensible calls.

Audacious Mobile phones

It’s not just aimed at the hearing impaired. It’s also ideal for anyone struggling to make out calls in noisy, crowded places.

Here’s how it works. You take the company’s hearing test – it’s all done online, so you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and your phone. It should only take about five minutes, and you can re-take the test at any time.

Audacious SIM card

Then you order your SIM card. It works just like any other network, with deals offering bundles of calls, texts and data, but the SIM is especially tailored to your individual hearing profile. There are three plans, starting at £14 a month.

See all Audacious’ SIM-only plans

When you make or take a call, the SIM will use the company’s unique technology to adjust the audio to the frequency you can hear best. That means clearer calls with less distortion.

You don’t need a new phone, and you can use it with or without a hearing aid.

Audacious SIM leaflet

The firm’s founder, Matthew Turner, knows the issues facing people with hearing loss only too well. From a young age, he experienced 80% hearing loss, but that didn’t stop him pursuing a successful career in finance. He teamed up with two of the world’s leading Hearing Scientists to create Audacious, the first mobile company to improve call clarity.

Audacious’ technology has now been recognised by the EU, achieving Class 1 Medical Device Certification.

The company claims that nine out of 10 people who experience the tech can tell the difference.

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