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EE to upscale its 5G for the whole country


EE is planning to offer 5G to all customers in the UK, no matter where they are, by 2028.

Whether you’re in a rural area, on a train or even in the air, EE hopes to have you connected to 5G by the end of the decade.

BT, EE’s parent company, has revealed its new plans to connect the entire UK to 5G with a unified mobile, Wi-Fi and fibre infrastructure. The telecoms giant sees this as a major step forward for the UK. This is because it will create new opportunities for individuals and business, as well as contributing to the country’s economy.

The ambitious plans are already underway, as BT is currently working to improve both its 5G and its fibre simultaneously.

The need for faster internet connections has never been more important for UK consumers. More and more people are working from home, dialling into video calls, streaming 4K UHD content and playing high-spec online games. BT has reported that the demand for mobile network capacity increases by 40% each year.

EE is aiming to extend its 5G coverage to cover at least half of the entire UK by 2023.

BT is developing a range of exciting initiatives to extend its 5G scope and meet the growing demands of UK consumers. As well as securing a new 700MHz 5G spectrum at a recent Ofcom auction and expanding its signal reach by 4,500 square miles, it’s also creating ‘on demand’ solutions, such as portable cells, drones and satellites. In the near future these will be able to provide temporary 5G connections to people when they need it.

This will also result in improved 5G support in busy places like stadiums, stations and airports.

To give customers a glimpse of what a 5G future will look like, BT will hold a series of showcase events and innovative customer experiences, starting this summer.

Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT Group, said: “Over the past 18 months we’ve helped the UK to meet the demands of a pandemic. We must now look ahead to deliver the strongest foundations to drive future growth. We’re making a uniquely ambitious, long-term commitment to drive high performance 5G further and faster, and to integrate it at the core with our fibre network for a seamless customer experience. Openreach was first to fibre, EE was first to 5G and together BT will be first to a fully converged future.”

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