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Black Friday bonanza - save up to £183 on an iPhone 12

Big savings are to be had.
iphone 12 black friday

This Black Friday you could save up to £183 on a brand new iPhone.

As Black Friday is almost here, eager shoppers are keen to know how much they can save on big ticket tech items. By delving into our data here at Uswitch, we can predict that you could sign up for an iPhone 12 on a pay monthly contract with unlimited data this Black Friday.

According to our data, the iPhone 12 will be one of the best deals around, with savings between £95 - £183 expected. While you can still save on an iPhone 13, it’s likely only going to be around £40 - but that’s still a good discount on a brand new iPhone.

We’ve estimated these savings by looking at the reductions seen during last year’s Black Friday sales. The iPhone 11 was reduced by 19% last year, which suggests we’ll see similar discounts on the iPhone 12.

While you can get great savings on iPhones, some of the best discounts are found on SIM-only deals. We estimate that SIM-only deals are likely to be discounted by between 10% and 28% this coming Black Friday, so it’s the ideal time to get a new SIM-only plan with all the data you need. Perfect if you don’t need a new smartphone and are out of contract.

But how can you be sure of getting the best Black Friday bargains?

Here are our five top tips to keep you ahead of the game:

  1. Keep your eyes on the prize: The best Black Friday deals might only be available for a very limited period of time. Sign up to your favourite brand’s emails and set up alerts so you know exactly when the item you want is being reduced.

  2. Know your data: The average 5G smartphone user needs a minimum of 3GB each month. You can see how much data you use by logging in to your mobile account and checking your average usage before choosing a new package. This ensures you bag the perfect deal to suit your needs.

  3. Compare to save: A great way of getting a decent deal is by using a comparison website. Here at Uswitch, our comparison tables show you a selection of offers that you can easily compare to quickly figure out which one is right for you.

  4. Do your research: Make sure you know the average price of the smartphone you’re trying to buy, so when you see a deal you’ll know if it's actually a good saving or not.

  5. Check the conditions: T&Cs are hardly thrilling to read, but if you buy a phone on Black Friday, make sure you check them. This way, you’ll be fully clued up on the returns policies should you change your mind at a later time.

Catherine Hiley, Black Friday expert here at Uswitch said: “iPhones continue to be one of the most sought-after discounted handsets on the market, and Black Friday offers a prime opportunity to snap them up.

“The iPhone 12 is highly likely to be in the spotlight for those looking to get their hands on a bargain this year. While not the most recent model, it is still one of the top phones on the market, built with a powerful chip, advanced dual-camera system and ceramic shield front for protection against damage.

“For those happy with their handsets, there is still an opportunity to cash in. With SIM-only deals available on the market with lots of data and discounted costs, anyone out of contract could make a switch and potentially save hundreds of pounds per year

“The challenge for many shoppers is navigating all deals on the market. Buyers searching for savings will need to have a plan in place, sign-up to alerts and use comparison sites to explore the breadth of deals available.”

Note: This is based on Uswitch.com internal data. Predictions are based on savings of up to £200 (a 19% reduction from total costs) available on contract phones during Black Friday 2020 via the iPhone 11, unlimited data. iPhone 12, which is now the second newest model, costs £964.49 on average. 19% of 964.49 is 183.25.

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