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  • A 6-inch screen and clean Android 9 device for £99
  • Decent battery life
  • Comes with a 3-month free car breakdown and personal injury insurance


  • 3D experience is not for everyone
  • No fast charging
  • Camera could be better

The ROKiT IO is an affordably-priced Android phone with an interesting USP - it’s capable of glasses-free 3D video. Let’s take a look at what this intriguing new smartphone has to offer.

ROKIT accessories The ROKIT IO 3D Pro out of the box. It comes with a nicely rigid case that can be repurposed as a tiny toolbox or travel pack. A transparent case is also included as well as a charging cable. We found no charger in the package, but that’s not a huge problem nowadays, especially given that the ROKIT can be powered-up with a simple Micro-USB charger.

We had the opportunity to test the ROKiT IO Pro 3D and its exciting 3D video - let’s see if the execution lives up to the idea.

How does ROKiT 3D work?

Don’t worry - there aren’t any cumbersome (and silly-looking) 3D glasses involved. ROKiT’s 3D tech uses a parallax effect similar to what you may have seen on that classic gaming device - the Nintendo 3DS.

ROKIT face Out of the box, the ROKiT comes with a 3D-enabled Earth/Moon wallpaper that shows off the 3D effect nicely. If you prefer, you can change it to a static screen.

You might have to get the angle just right - and this can be different for different people - but when you do, the images certainly do pop off the screen in a way we haven’t seen on any other phone we’ve reviewed.

But what can you actually watch in 3D? ROKiT has compiled it’s own library of 3D content, handily found on a pre-installed app called ROKFlix. Here you can find movies, nature documentaries, kids shows and more.

Sure, 3D content might not be first and foremost on your mind in 2020, but it’s fun to show off and could be a gamechanger for every parent’s eternal struggle - distracting young children.

Alternatively, you can hop over to YouTube and search through all their 3D content to find some exciting videos to watch.

It comes with integrated insurance services

The 3D screen is not this smartphone’s only quirk. ROKiT has bundled a set of interesting "Value Added Services" that include broken phone replacement insurance, together with either comprehensive car breakdown cover (for £9.99/month) or worldwide personal injury insurance (for £7.99/month). There is also the option of having both levels of cover for £11.99.

The insurance option seems like a good deal, considering that they throw in three months’ free from the day you activate your ROKiT.

ROKIT services The insurance services can handily be accessed via an app. As well as the breakdown cover and personal injury insurance, you can also access a Wi-Fi calling service. National and international destinations can be reached at no extra cost as long as you can connect to Wi-Fi.

All the insurance services can be accessed from the ROKiT app that comes pre-installed on the smartphone. This is a nice touch, and from day one of activating your device, you can open the "ROK Launch Control" app and get access to a UK Roadside, Recovery, and Home start.

Now we admit, bundling this array of insurance in with a smartphone as ‘extras’ may seem a bit different to what you’d usually expect. But they’re still really useful benefits, perhaps arguably more so than a discounted subscription to a streaming service.

We can see this as being a really useful add-on for students in particular - especially the phone replacement and breakdown covers.

How are the everyday specs?

The ROKiT IO 3D Pro has a 6-inch LCD screen, a pretty large 3850mAh battery and comes with Android 9 Pie pre-installed. The processor runs Android smoothly, and 4GB RAM is what you’d expect at this price point.

ROKIT back (1) The first impression of the ROKiT build quality is good. Its plastic casing is sturdy enough for a phone at this price.

ROKIT accessories The display is a decent size for watching content and taking in that 3D effect.

While it’s certainly no premium smartphone snapper, the camera is decent for basic shots in good light and the large battery comfortably delivers a full day of charge.

ROKIT usb Micro-USB charging port.

The build quality is typical of this price point, with all plastic casing and LCD display.

The shiny back is prone to smudges, so you'll be better off using the transparent case that ROKiT have kindly included in the box.

On the front, you’re looking at a sharp 2160 x 1080 resolution screen with a parallax filter to show that all important 3D. We did notice some pixelation at times (possibly due to the filter) but it’s clear in all light conditions when you’ve got the brightness turned up.

ROKIT fingerprint Fingerprint reader at the back is fast to set up and easy to use.

Buying and Pricing

We’ve got a lot of love for no-nonsense smartphones that meet the basic requirements without breaking the bank. After all, not everyone wants a super-spec £1,000 mini-computer in their pocket.

And for this market, the ROKiT IO Pro is a pretty inviting proposition. It’s currently retailing for £249, in line with the Moto G7 and Nokia 7.2. But even when it comes to pricing, ROKiT is doing things quite differently. You can have the ROKiT Pro 3D for £99, followed by 11 optional payments of £9.99 for 11 months.

The additional payments are actually voluntary, meaning that you can opt-out before the first payment is due.


The attention-grabbing 3D display partnered with the supremely low-cost price point makes the ROKiT a good choice, particularly for younger smartphone users.

Integrated insurance services bundles are very much a first in the market. And when you factor in the decent mid-market specs at a rock bottom price, it’s easy to see that budding-brand ROKiT is offering a good alternative to the tech giant’s super smartphones.

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