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Google Pixel 2 rumours: specs, release date, price and everything you need to know

What does the Pixel 2 look like?

Google Pixel 2 three sizes

The Pixel 2 might not be due for a while yet. But with the help of designer Benjamin Geskin, we've worked up some images based on existing rumours and leaks that give us a pretty good idea of what to expect when it does arrive.

As you'll see, we've mocked up three sizes, in keeping with the latest rumours that the Pixel will be available in three iterations.

That's the standard version, another XL-branded edition with a larger screen, as well as a more compact, stripped-down budget model.

We've also taken into account reports that Google will follow the lead of Samsung's Galaxy S8 and opt for slightly curved display that flows down the sides of the phone.

Around the back, you'll see the rear fingerprint scanner. And those of you who are a bit sharp-eyed will notice we opted to show the phone in a eye-catching blue colour option.

We did this for no other reason than we thought that was the best looking version of the original Pixel phone.

When is the Google Pixel 2 on sale?

The launch date for the Pixel 2 isn't known yet. But judging by last year, it's likely to be unveiled in October.

Last year’s model was available to pre-order after the launch event in early October, and hit shelves a few weeks later.

Google traditionally released a new addition to the now-retired Nexus range each year in September or October.

The Pixel line of phones has since replaced the Nexus brand. But we still think Google will stick fairly close to the Nexus release schedule.

What’s more, since Google's senior vice president of hardware, Rick Osterloh, has confirmed there will be a new Pixel this year, it seems even more likely that we’ll have to wait until the autumn to get our hands on it.

And seeing as the much-anticipated iPhone 8 is due out in September, it’s bound to come into direct competition with Apple.

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How much will the Google Pixel 2 cost?

Last year, the Pixel was branded as a high-end flagship device, and it definitely came with a price tag to match.

The entry-level 32GB handset was priced at £599 at launch, while the price for the XL started at £719.

Rumour has it that the Google Pixel 2 will come in three sizes, with the middle one costing roughly the same as last year’s standard Pixel.

There is speculation that there will be a high-end version that will cost even more than last year’s XL, and a budget Pixel for consumers who want a Google phone without the premium price-tag.

All–screen front

Much like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Google is said to be priming a new, all–screen approach for its Pixel 2.

This means that any buttons on the front of the phone will be removed, allowing it to offer an all–screen experience like its rivals.

With Apple said to be working on a similar design for its iPhone 8, this seems nailed on.

Curved display

Google is likely to use the Galaxy S8 as a template when it comes to how the Pixel 2’s display looks.

A series of rumours point towards the new phone coming with a curved screen, much like the S8.

This would set it apart from the iPhone 8, which is thought to feature a standard flat screen.

Three versions

A new leak from the Android Open Source Project has revealed three codenames for new Pixel phones: Walleye, Muskie and Taimen.

Last year, Google launched two Pixel devices, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

A third handset could either be a super–sized phablet or a smaller phone aimed at taking on Apple’s iPhone SE.

The latter seems more likely, especially as rumours earlier this year talked about a phone called the Pixel 2B, using stripped back internal components.


Waterproof phones hero

The Pixel’s lack of waterproofing was perhaps the only black mark against what was one of 2016’s very best smartphones. This time around it looks as if Google has seen sense.

Supply-chain sources reckon the new Pixel 2 will be both dust and waterproof, matching up to both the Galaxy S8 and Apple’s current iPhone 7 range.

This could make it a lot more popular among upgrading smartphone owners.

Headphone slot begone

headphone jack

There’s been plenty of chat about Apple’s decision to ditch the headphone slot on last year’s iPhone 7.

Sadly, it seems Google is keen to follow in its rival’s footsteps.

A leaked internal document reckons Google will offer headphones with a USB–C connector. That means user won’t be able to use wired earbuds and charge their phones at the same time.

While USB–C does offer better sound quality via Hi–Res audio streaming, the standard headphone slot is so ubiquitous that removing it seems rather churlish.

Latest Qualcomm chipset

Qualcomm 835

The newest rumours surrounding the Pixel 2 focus on the chipset Google will use. Word is that it will look to match Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and utilise Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835.

This will allow it to sell the phone as the most powerful Android device out there. Coupled with pure Android software, it should make the Pixel 2 the go–to phone for those who love Google–backed devices.

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