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HTC U Ultra: 5 things we know so far

htc 10 colours

1 Ultra U or Ocean Note?

HTC has long been rumoured to readying an expansively proportioned smartphone to challenge the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note range.

Towards the end of 2016, stories emerged about plans for a phone known as the HTC Ocean Note.

Now though, Twitter tech-watcher @OnLeaks claims to have information suggesting this device is now being called the U Ultra.

This tallies with a teaser invite for a special HTC press event, which features a large 'U' as part of its design.

2 Six-inch screen

HTC 10 screen

The HTC U Ultra’s key feature is undoubtedly its screen.

Rumours suggest this will be a huge six–inch effort, most likely using AMOLED technology to help it against the imminent Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8, which is due on shelves towards the end of the year.

This would make the U Ultra one of the largest smartphones on the market.

3 No headphone slot

headphone jack

It appears that Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone slot from the iPhone 7 is having an affect on its rival mobile-makers.

HTC is said to have abandoned the age-old tech for the U Ultra and will instead bunled the handset with headphones which connect by the USB–C port that’s ordinarily reserved for data transfers and charging the phone.

That means you won’t be able to charge the phone and listen to audio via wired headphones. HTC will likely push a wireless headset to entice consumers.

Samsung is also said to be abandoning the headphone port in its forthcoming Galaxy S8.

4 Dual-lens camera

iPhone 7 dual lens camera

HTC clearly doesn’t want to be left behind as the smartphone wars reach their next stage.

Dual lens cameras are set to a key feature of high-end phones this year and the HTC U Ultra is leading the charge.

It’s not clear what how many megapixels the camera will cram in or whether the camera will feature portrait modes like the iPhone 7.

But with no little pedigree when it comes to cameras, expect HTC to make a big deal of this feature when it launches the device.

5 Launching January 12th

htc u ultra press

HTC has sent out invites for a January 12th launch event, when the U Ultra is set to make an appearance alongside a series of other, mid–range mobiles.

That means it should grab the headlines in the weeks after this week’s CES technology trade show and ensure it’s not left in the wake of rivals, who’ll show off their wares at February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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