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iPhone 7 rumours: specs & release date

A cavalcade of conjecture. A spree of speculation. That's right. It's the iPhone 7 rumours, deals and specs round-up.
iphone 7 concept

When is Apple's iPhone 7 on sale?

iphone 7 release date

UPDATE 3: The iPhone is now officially on sale. Head here to check out some of the best deals.

UPDATE 2: The iPhone 7 is available to pre-order now. The phone will officially go on sale on September 16th.

UPDATE: It's official. Apple has confirmed the iPhone 7 will be unveiled on September 7th.

A number of putative launch dates are doing the rounds right now, but the most credible are probably September 6th and September 13th. Both of which are Tuesdays and tie in with Apple's preference for that day for launch events.

The date the phone will go on sale is also shrouded in secrecy.

However judging by previous years, you'll be able to pre-order your iPhone 7 three days after the grand unveiling.

That's way ahead of the phone's arrival on shop shelves two weeks after the big reveal.

How much will the iPhone 7 cost?

iphone 7 cost

iPhone 7 pricing hasn’t been confirmed. But assuming it’s in line with earlier iPhones, expect to pay about £40-£45 per month from day one.

That should be enough to spare you having to pay an upfront charge. But depending on the network you choose, a small fee may still apply.

Want the phone SIM-free? Once again, the asking price has yet to be confirmed. But Apple usually keeps prices steady from year-to-year.

If so, the entry-level 16GB iPhone 7 is likely to come in at £459 or so. If you want the high-end 128GB edition of the same phone, you’re looking at about £699.

We don’t yet know if they’ll be a Plus phablet version of the iPhone 7. But we do know that the larger screen will definitely cost extra.

The cheapest 16GB model of the iPhone 6S Plus is priced £619 and the top-of-the-range edition with 128GB of storage comes in at £789. So take that as your guide.

We’ll update this section with the best and cheapest iphone 7 deals when we hear about them.

iPhone 7 rumours round-up

Breathless iPhone 7 rumours 'R' us; this is where you'll get the juicy gossip to keep you informed about everything the next-generation iPhone has got to offer.

Plug me in

iphone 7 battery

According to reports, Apple will fit the iPhone 7 with a 3,100mAh battery. That's 12.5% larger than the iPhone 6S Plus.

The upside is that ought to mean the iPhone 7 lasts longer. The downside is that it’s likely the phone might be thicker to accommodate the larger battery.

I’d rather jack

Word is that for the first time ever the iPhone 7 will ditch the headphone jack.

Instead you’ll connect your headphones via the Lightning dock port. That’s the aperture at the bottom of the phone that’s normally used for charging.

Apple is also rumoured to be developing wireless headphones of its own, eliminating the need for any sort of wired connection to the phone.

Space is the place

iphone 7 storage

Even in the Cloud storage era, it’s still far too easy to run out of room for files, photos, videos and tunes on your handset.

Presumably that’s why Apple is reportedly set to double the onboard storage of the top-of-the-range iPhone to a whopping 256GB this year.

Water me

The last iPhone was a lot more resistant to water than anyone realised. But Apple opted not to mention its improved waterproof credentials in marketing material.

But this time it seems the tech-maker will go the whole hog. By boosting the phone’s water-resistance, so it’s even more capable of withstanding an accidental dip in the bath. And actually mentioning that in its ads.

It takes two

isight camera iphone 7

Apple is said to be substantially overhauling the iPhone’s camera for 2016 and replacing the current one with an all-new dual snapper that serves up what are described as 'DSLR quality' snaps.

The bad news is that apparently the dual camera is purportedly reserved for the iPhone 7 Plus and won’t be on board the standard-sized handset.

Want a closer look at the dual-camera on the iPhone 7? Here's our quick and easy guide to what to expect.

In the air tonight

li-fi iphone 7

Instead of Wi-Fi that uses radio waves to move data wirelessly, talk is that the iPhone 7 will feature so-called Li-Fi tech that uses light spectrum and is much faster.

The upshot? Downloads will zip by, giving Apple a major selling point over its rivals.

Get a more comprehensive look at what Li-Fi could mean for the iPhone 7 here: iPhone 7 Li-Fi: 5 things you need to know.

Remake, remodel

An insider cited by MacRumors claims that designer Jonathan Ive is streamlining the shape of the iPhone 7 and that the thinner phone will ditch the iPhone 6S's protruding camera lens and plastic antenna bands.

However, in what would be a major break with Apple's habit of overhauling the look of the iPhone every two years, apparently the design won't be much changed from the iPhone 6S.

Part of the process

Initial word was that Samsung is manufacturing some of the A10 processors for the next iPhone. However, that's since been denied.

Reports now indicate that the sole supplier for the A10 will be the Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) company.


Early rumours suggested that Apple would fit the iPhone 7 with a Smart Connector. That’s the same port you’ll find in the iPad Pro and would mean that the handset would likely be compatible with iPad Pro accessories, such as a physical keyboard.

It was also thought that Apple might bring a range of new Smart Connector accessories to market, which were specifically designed for the iPhone.

However, that was thrown into doubt by subsequent leaks.

But that was before blueprints sourced exclusively by uSwitch from leaks specialist @Onleaks cleared up the confusion. These showed a Smart Connector port on the iPhone 7 Plus, but not on the standard model. That seems very plausible to us.

Wired for sound

The other important thing to note about a Smart Connector is that it could mean the iPhone 7 will support wireless charging, thus finally bringing the iPhone in line with rival high-end handsets.

Sizer than sizeway

iphone 7 uswitch hero

Our renders, or blueprints, revealed or confirmed a host of things we'd heard about the iPhone 7. Among them was that this year the dimensions are unchanged.

That means that the iPhone 7 standard model will come in at 138.30x67.12x7.1mm. The iPlus 7 Plus will measure 158.22x77.94x7.3mm.

She's leaving home

Conjecture suggested Apple could be dispensing with a physical home button for the first time ever. Instead, the rumours suggested, the iPhone 7 would feature a virtual home button embedded within the screen.

Once again, though, this seems to be just wishful thinking. Every leaked photo or set of blueprints we've seen so far shows the physical home button is right where it always was. Maybe next year?

(Storage) space is the place

For the first time ever it seems Apple will dispense with a 16GB storage option for the iPhone 7. Instead the entry-level model will be 32GB.

The storage space of the other, more capacious versions of the phone have yet to be confirmed. But it's thought they'll be 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Home button be gone

iphone 7 home button

It may not be part of the screen as some rumours suggested.

But a series of reports from insiders close to Apple’s supply chain have suggested that the iPhone 7 will actually come with a new touch sensitive home button.

This will use the same Force Touch tech found in the Apple Watch, giving a small pulse every time you press on it.

Leaked images have shown that it looks just like the home button on the current iPhone, but sits flush to the bottom of the device.

It also means there will be one less place for water to seep in, which adds heft to rumours that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof.

Made up and ready to roll

iphone 7 assembled

While there have been plenty of renders and drawings of the iPhone 7, there are now clear images of what the device itself looks like when assembled.

Putting together the rear chassis and the larger camera unit, Chinese Apple fanatics have shown that the iPhone 7 is virtually identical to the iPhone 6s.

There are small changes: the camera is larger, the 3.5mm headphone jack is missing and there are no antenna bands, making the design look cleaner.

The device is also said to be slightly chubbier, at 7.15mm compared with 7.1mm.

Headphone adapter

iphone apple earphones

With Apple almost certain to can the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, conjecture has been rife about what kind of headphones would be bundled with the new device.

Wireless Bluetooth ones? Or a set using Apple’s Lightning charging connector? If rumours are to be believed, it could be neither.

Instead, Apple is apparently set to include a special adapter, so iPhone 7 owners can connect their current headphones into the phone’s Lightning port.

That begs the question: why get rid of the headphone slot in the first place? Consumers have already petitioned Apple not to make the change.

But who really wants one?

Apple is steeling itself for low demand of the iPhone 7.

Why? Well, according to one of the company’s chip suppliers, it’s ordering fewer components because it believes that the minor changes to the design will result in slow sales.

Apple is said to be building a major new iPhone for 2017 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of its original smartphone.

It’s already briefed major press outlets that this is the case. However, some surveys have suggested as many as 50% of iPhone owners could upgrade.

We’ll get a clearer picture at the end of the year, when Apple will release its sales figures for September to December.

Mute switch muted

iphone 7 mute switch

The iPhone 7's home button is set to be replaced by a virtual, Force Touch–powered lookalike. As we've outlined above, the 3.5mm headphone jack will soon be no more either.

And now it seems the mute switch on the side of the iPhone is also on its way out.

Newly pictured dummy models of the iPhone 7 clearly show a device without a physical key for switching off sound.

On current iPhones, that button is usually found beneath the volume controls. Instead, it seems Apple will add a new toggle to Control Centre for firing up silent mode. It’s a move the gadget-maker has already made with its iPad range.

By getting rid of the mute switch, there’ll be one less place for liquid to seep into the iPhone 7 too, fuelling those rumours that Apple’s new smartphone will be certified as waterproof.

Dummy iPhone 7

iphone 7 nowhere else

There have been plenty of parts leaks. But with the iPhone 7's release date edging ever closer, we’ve finally got a glimpse of a dummy model.

Revealed by the ever-reliable Nowhere Else, the handset in the picture backs up previous gossip that's been doing the rounds.

There are no antenna bands, making for a cleaner finish, a large space for a bigger single lens camera and, of course, no room for a 3.5mm headphone jack.

From this leak it’s also clear that Apple is planning to stick with the same design as 2014’s and 2015’s iPhones.

Dummy iPhone 7 Plus

iphone 7 plus dummy

Not to be outdone by its smaller stablemate, the iPhone 7 Plus has also starred in another major leak.

This dummy model, in space grey rather than gold, backs up the slew of rumours about the larger, 5.5–inch handset.

There’s space for a dual lens camera, no mute switch or headphone slot and, most interestingly of all, a Smart Connector dock. Which means...


smart connector ipad pro

Apple hasn’t let anything slip yet, but by including Smart Connector tech on the iPhone 7 Plus (also being billed as the iPhone Pro in some circles), it’s likely to also be readying a number of accessories for its more capacious handset.

Smart Connector kit for the iPad includes a smart keyboard, something which Apple could slim down for its top–end iPhone. There’s also scope for a charging pad and a battery pack case.

Camera parts spied

iphone 7 cameras

Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is always a strong source of iPhone rumours. But usually they’re sketchy rather than brazen.

However, one that changed this week when an employee appeared to bring a tray of camera components for the iPhone 7 into the work canteen, snapping a picture and posting it online for good measure.

The single lens shooters are likely destined for the 4.7–inch iPhone 7, a device which the source of the leak claims is already in production.

Battery boost


Apple has long been slated for the iPhone’s disappointing battery life.

It’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, once suggested that the reason for excessive battery drain was due to the iPhone being such an alluring device to use.

But the reality is that the iPhone’s battery is smaller than its rivals.

That all looks set to change with the iPhone 7, after renowned Apple watcher Steve Hemmerstoffer said he’d received ‘pretty reliable’ information that Cupertino would be using a 1960mAh battery rather than a 1715mAh one.

With plans to make the iPhone 7’s processor more efficient, the iPhone 7 could finally be the device which can last longer than a day while still being used extensively.

Speaker tweak

A new video has shown the iPhone 7 in live shots for the first time.

While the pictures make it clear that rumours about the end of antenna bands and the 3.5mm headphone jack are true, they also show that Apple will in fact include a new speaker setup as well.

A second speaker is found where the headphone slot used to be, which should mean much improved sound.

However, the question remains as to whether this is really worth getting rid of the all–important headphone jack for. Only time will tell.

More headphone gossip

iphone 7 earpods

First there were going to be wireless speakers. Then an adapter.

Now it seems Apple will simply bundle the iPhone 7 with a pair of its own–brand EarPods with a cable that connects directly to the device’s Lightning charging port.

This means that users with high quality third party headphones may need to pay extra for an adapter.

It’s a move which Apple has made with its MacBook, using USB–C to facilitate all connections.

Consumers have not been impressed and are unlikely to be happy about this decision either.

Waterproof warning

ios 10 water warning

While there are plenty of suggestions that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, the latest chatter suggests even old iPhones will get special warnings when water is detected in the Lightning charging port.

As part of the iOS 10 update, a special message flashes up on screen telling users to disconnect any accessories or chargers if there’s liquid inside, letting them dry out the device before any serious damage is done.

Although this feature only works on the current iPhone 6s and iPhone SE range, it’s highly like that the iPhone 7 will also come with this special detector as part of its software.

iPhone 7 Pro spotted


It seems that Apple might actually be releasing three new iPhones in September. It had been thought that the Cupertino company was plotting an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Now though, a new leak from China has shown off plans for a third model, dubbed the iPhone 7 Pro.

This phone will feature a dual lens camera and Smart Connector for accessories, features many thought were destined for the iPhone 7 Plus.

The latter now seems likely to come with the same single lens shooter as the iPhone 7, making it less alluring.

Extra tough screen

gorilla glass 5

Apple could be set to boost the durability of the iPhone 7’s screen, after the company which makes its displays revealed its latest, ultra tough panel.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass has long been favoured by smartphone makers, and its new edition will likely feature on the iPhone 7.

Corning says that its screens survived 80% of drops from as high as 5 feet, 9 inches and is four times as resilient as older versions.

It could make the iPhone 7 virtually indestructible and give case makers a big headache in the process.

Corning has given a big hint that it’s working with Apple, saying Gorilla Glass 5 will be offered by ‘leading global brands’ later this year.

Launching on the 9th

Apple store black and white

As is tradition, Apple will pull the wrappers off its new iPhone lineup at the start of September.

Conflicting reports, both from the same source, suggest this could happen in the first or second week of the month.

Initially, renowned mobile industry watcher Evan Blass claimed that the iPhone 7 would be revealed in the week starting September 12th, with a pre–order date of September 16th.

However, Blass has since received new information which suggests that the iPhone 7 will be made available for pre–order on September 9th.

That suggests a launch event will be held on Monday September 5th or Tuesday September 6th. This would mark exactly a year since Apple unveiled the iPhone 6s.

Space black model confirmed

A new video showing dummies of Apple’s iPhone 7 side–by–side suggests that as well as silver and gold models, Apple is also priming a new, space black edition of its flagship phone.

This means the end of the space grey model, giving the range a sleeker overall look. It comes just weeks after rumours suggested Apple was readying a dark blue version.

Headphone adaptor back on the agenda


The will-they, won’t-they saga of Apple’s headphone adaptor refuses to die.

Initial reports suggested Apple would include a dongle to allow iPhone 7 owners to use standard headphones with its new Lightning–only earbud setup.

Then images emerged of branded Apple EarPods with a Lightning connector, which sources said would be included with the forthcoming handset.

Now analysts reckon Apple will indeed include a dongle, once again begging the question as to why Apple thinks it’s sensible to get rid of a traditional headphone slot.

Clips and images such as these have given the clearest indication yet of what we can expect from Apple’s next set of iPhones, replete with antenna changes and tweaks to the speaker and headphone setup.

Iris scanning technology

iris scanner

With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 set to feature iris scanning biometric tech, it’s no wonder that reports are emerging that Apple is considering doing the same with its iPhone.

However, there’s a snag. Insiders reckon Apple is going to sit back and see how well users take to the tech on Android phones before making its move.

That means it won’t star in the iPhone 7 and many not make its way into an Apple–branded smartphone until 2018.

Three versions confirmed?

The rumour mill can’t seem to decide whether Apple is working in two new iPhones or three. The latter seems to be the choice of some Chinese sources, with videos showing off a trio of handsets.

The smaller, 4.7–inch iPhone 7 appears to sit alongside a larger iPhone 7 Plus with a single lens camera and a similar sized ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ featuring a dual lens shooter.

This leak, though, comes with plenty of caveats. For one, the ‘Pro’ model does not have Smart Connector tech, as seen in other reports.

What’s more, the dummy models have the same code names as much older iPhones. It seems safe to say we’ll be getting two iPhones come September.

Bluetooth headphones


The chatter around Apple’s headphone plans has moved on from adaptors and Lightning ports to wireless versions of its EarPods range.

Sources speaking with Forbes claim that Apple has been beavering away on low–power Bluetooth headphones for years and had even planned to launch them last year.

However, it seems low yields meant Tim Cook and co held off. By ditching the headphone slot on the iPhone 7, Apple could be about to reveal its wireless offering.

These are likely to be high–end, so will probably be sold separately. Word is that they can last a lot longer on a single charge compared with other, similar products.

Blue model makes a comeback?


With Apple unlikely to offer more than a few minor design tweaks, there’s been a lot of focus on what colours it will use for its iPhone 7.

Some leaks have shown a ‘space black’ model, but talk of a blue version refuse to fade.

China Unicom, the world’s fourth largest network, appeared to release a teaser ad which confirmed such plans, showing a new iPhone on a blue background.

It’s tenuous, but Apple will need everything it can get to try and market this device as new and exciting.

But who’s really going to upgrade?

New research in the US suggests as many as 90% of iPhone owners will not upgrade to the iPhone 7 if the design of the device remains the same.

Market researchers Quartz found that 63% would change their phone if Apple tweaked its looks.

That means that while sales of the iPhone 7 could be low, next year’s mooted overhaul could draw in a huge number of punters.

Apple will surely be hoping that’s the case, especially as iPhone sales continue to slide.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus blueprints give us best look so far

uswitch iphone 7 leak

Leaked blueprints for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have given us our most detailed look yet at the handsets due for release in four months’ time.

Exclusive renders sourced on behalf of uSwitch by @OnLeaks, AKA Steve Hemmerstoffer of, confirm that both editions will ditch common-or-garden headphone jacks, forcing customers to use wireless headphones or buy new ones that connect via the Lightning Dock.

The blueprints/renders, which come to us via Apple subcontractor Catcher Technology, also add heft to claims that the Plus edition will be equipped with a superior dual lens camera. Those of you who opt for the standard iPhone 7 will have to make do with a single lens camera.

Both phones’ cameras protrude from their casing, in keeping with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. But this time around, there’s no metal ring around the lens.

To further differentiate the larger model, which has been variously dubbed the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro by tech-watchers, Apple will also equip it with a Smart Connector on the rear. This new port, which debuted on the iPad Pro, will not be present on the standard-sized iPhone 7.

uswitch iphone 7 plus pro leak

Once again that tallies with long-standing rumours that the iPhone 7 Plus will offer support for a new set of dedicated accessories, as well as existing iPad Pro add-ons such as the Smart Keyboard.

And in news that may disappoint audiophiles and music fans, Apple has opted for a single speaker rather than, as was widely rumoured, a more powerful dual speaker set-up.

We’re also assured by our source that although the top and bottom antenna lines on the rear of the phone are not visible, they will be visible on the edges on the finished model. The lines crossing the back are gone for good.

Dimensions of both models are unchanged from last year, with the iPhone 7 coming in at 138.30x67.12x7.1mm and the iPlus 7 Plus measuring 158.22x77.94x7.3mm.

Apple is set to lift the lid on the iPhone 7 in September. The renders here are 3-4 months old and are taken from Apple's January testing stage, so may differ from the final product.

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