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Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours: specs, release date, price and everything you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S7 hero

When is the Samsung Galaxy S8 on sale?

Samsung Galaxy S8 date

Update: 2nd March 2017: At its press event at Mobile World Congress, Samsung officially announced that the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled on 29th March. Samsung debuted a cryptic teaser trailer for the new device that told us very little about the advice, except for the all-important launch date.

Update: 24th February 2017

A Samsung executive has officially confirmed that we'll get our first look at the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress in the form of a teaser video. The company will also announce the date the handset will be officially launched, which is widely expected to be late March.

The received wisdom is that the Galaxy S8 will then hit shop shelves in mid-April.

Update: 17th January 2017

The launch date for the Galaxy S8 isn't set in stone yet. But rumours suggest it will land on February 28th, which is the day before the huge technology showcase, Mobile World Congress.

However, that was thrown into doubt by subsequent reports claiming that Samsung will delay the launch of the phone for further testing to ensure there's no repeat of the battery problems that affected the Galaxy Note 7.

According to a source cited by Sam Mobile, the handset won't actually arrive until April. Which seems like a very long time away to us.

But tech fans are hoping to get a sneak peek of the new S8 at Mobile World Congress 2017. A report from the company’s home country of Korea claims that the handset will be teased in a short, sixty-second clip at the end of its press event, being held on 26th February, a day before MWC starts.

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How much does the Samsung Galaxy S8 cost?

Judging by price points of previous Samsung Galaxy S phones, we expect the Galaxy S8 to be on sale on monthly contracts from between £40-£45 per month from launch.

For the last few generations of Galaxy S phones, there's also been an 'Edge-branded' version of the handset, featuring a slanted side that houses a secondary screen.

Assuming Samsung sticks to the form book and brings to market a Galaxy S8 Edge too, expect it to a bit more expensive. Monthly contract Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge deals are likely to start at £50 per month.

Rest assured when networks announce Samsung Galaxy S8 deals, we'll be rounding up the best right here.

What has the Galaxy S8 got to offer?

We love rumours just as much as you. And if the speculation swirling around the Samsung Galaxy S8 is to be believed, it's shaping to be a landmark handset.

Not least because it's purported to include an optical fingerprint scanner to keep your details safe. It's also apparently set to feature a brand new all-screen design and a more helpful virtual assistant, along the lines of Google Assistant.

We've compiled a bite-sized article outlining some of the key features rumoured to be on board. But if you want the full run-down of what to expect, you'll find it right here...

'Slick design'

That's the way a Samsung executive trailed the Galaxy S8 in an interview. What that means in practice, we don't know right now. But the smart money is on Samsung doing something genuinely new.

Not least because it will want to do all it can to differentiate the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the ill-fated Note 7.

All-screen front

Word is that the Galaxy S8 could feature an expansive, edge-to-edge screen that takes up almost all the front of the phone.

That strongly suggests the phone will also dispense with a physical home button and replace it with a virtual button embedded within the screen.

Iris scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 eyeball scanner

In line with the Note 7, the Galaxy S8 is rumoured to feature an eyeball scanner that means you only need to look at your phone to unlock it.

Given how well the Note 7's iris scanner played with phone reviewers, we'd be very surprised if the Galaxy S8 didn't follow suit.

Much better camera

iPhone 7 Plus bokeh

Once again this rumour stems from Samsung's head of mobile, Lee Kyeong-tae.

And once again, we're left to fill in the blanks. But we'd be amazed if his announcement of a much improved camera doesn't equate to a dual lens affair along the lines of the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus.

That ought to mean you'll be able to experiment with depth of field and bokeh shots, that blur out the background to bring the subject of your photos into sharper focus.

Samsung's own voice-activated valet

siri iphone

Samsung has now officially confirmed that the S8 will feature its own viturual assistant. Named Bixby, it will be based on technology built by Viv Labs, the company that dreamt up the Siri voice assistant for the iPhone.

We don't know what special Samsung-specific features the S7's voice assistant will bring. If any. But at the very least it'll let you use voice commands to conduct searches and book services and whathaveyou, in line with Siri and Google Assistant on the Google Pixel phone.

Screen will be 4K

According to Chinese blog, Samsung will equip the Galaxy S8 with a 4K screen. For the record, 4K is four times sharper than standard HD.

The move is apparently intended to allow the S8 to better compete with rivals from Sony and the like when it comes to Virtual Reality (VR) movies and gaming.

Expect an optical fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanning technology has been front and centre on Samsung phones for some time now.

The difference with the Galaxy S8 is that it'll purportedly use fingerprint scanning technology that sits under the phone's screen instead of within a physical button. If reports citing Chinese media can be believed, anyway.

This is in line with claims (see above) that the Galaxy S8 will dispense with a physical button and instead feature a virtual button that's secreted within the large, edge-to-edge screen.

Larger screen to plug the gap left by the Note range

It won't have escaped your attention that the Note 7 was plagued by battery problems that meant a small number of handsets overheated and exploded.

The furore that followed is rumoured to have prompted Samsung to call time on the entire Note range, with the result that they'll be no more Note-branded phones.

But to plug the gap and service the needs of consumers who prefer a phone with a Note-style large screen, it seems Samsung could bring out a 6.2-inch version of the Galaxy S8.

Apparently, Samsung will a design with an edge-to-edge screen so that it can accommodate the larger display in the S8 without making the actual handset any larger.

Fingerprint scanner around the back and dedicated voice assistant button

leaked Galaxy S8 cases

Leaked photos of cases for the S8 suggest that the phone's fingerprint scanner will be be located at the back. Previously Samsung has located the scanner at the front, within the home button.

The same snaps also show a cut-out in the case for a button the side that's believed to be dedicated to activating 'Bixby'. This is Samsung's own Siri-style voice assistant.

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