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SIM-free iPhone 14 leasing

• Save money on a new iPhone 14 with mobile leasing

• Get the latest tech with annual upgrades

• No upfront costs

• Keep your existing SIM only plan

New SIM-free iPhones

Phone image-iphone14 (2)
iPhone 14

£23.44 per month

iPhone 14 plus
iPhone 14 Plus

£26.09 per month

iPhone 14 pro
iPhone 14 Pro

£30.65 per month

Phone image-iphone15Promax
iPhone 14 Pro Max

£33.31 per month

Refurbished SIM-free iPhones

iPhone 14 plus
iPhone 14 Plus

£23.50 per month

iPhone 14 pro
iPhone 14 Pro

£26.87 per month

Phone image-iphone15Promax
iPhone 14 Pro Max

£28.21 per month

How does phone leasing work?

Choose your ideal phone

Get a new or refurbished mobile on a 12 or 24-month lease plan and keep your existing SIM only plan.

Pay less every month

Leasing means lower prices than a pay monthly contract and no upfront cost – interest-free.

Upgrade for free

At the end of your term, the choice is yours. Apply for a free upgrade, keep your device or leave us by returning your device.

Why lease a phone?

Get the device you want for less

Leasing lets you get the tech you want at a lower monthly cost than buying outright.

At the end of your contract, you can upgrade to another handset, keep the phone for a small fee or return it.

Free upgrades every year

Get the latest tech every year when you take out a 12 month contract.

When your plan is up, just return your current leased phone and lease a newer model.

A greener way to connect

Leasing means less forgotten mobiles left in a drawer or shipped off to a landfill as waste when you’re done with them.

Lifetime warranty

All leased phones are covered for faults and defects throughout your plan.

For more details, check out Raylo’s Lifetime Warranty guide.

Any accidental damage, theft or loss of the phone is not covered, but insurance is available from £4.99 per month.

Ready to lease your next phone?

Why Raylo?

Leasing gets you the latest devices with zero upfront cost and low monthly payments.

Flexibility at the end of your lease

Upgrade Apply for a new device of your choice with no upgrade fee. Raylo will send it to you and you have 14 days to return the old one.

Keep If you’re happy with the device you’ve been using, then just carry on paying monthly. If you want to purchase the device, please contact Raylo to discuss.

Cancel Hand the device back and sail off into the sunset.

Free accessories

All phones come with a free eco-case and screen protector to keep your device safe.

30 day cancellation period

If you change your mind you can cancel for free within the first 30 days.

Soft credit check

We’ll only do a full credit check if we say “yes”. That means if your application isn’t approved, don’t worry, your credit score isn’t affected. If everything looks good and your application is approved, then a full search will appear on your credit file.

Raylo insurance

If your device is accidentally damaged you may be charged for the cost of repair. Get peace of mind with Raylo Pay insurance from £4.99 per month.

About Raylo Pay

Raylo Pay provides a new way to get the tech you want. We've teamed up with them to offer mobile phone leasing on the latest handsets for less monthly cost than a traditional phone contract.

Who provides the device?

Raylo Pay provides your tech and you will receive delivery updates from Raylo Pay. Brand new devices will be shipped to you from the authorised distributors of the manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Samsung, Google), and Raylo Certified Refurbished devices have best through its 70 point check and come with lifetime warranty.