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Central Trust

This Norwich based lender was formed in 1988 and provides loans and other financial solutions to its customers.

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About Central Trust

Central Trust is a specialist UK lender. The company is part of the CT Capital plc group, which was formed in 1988. CT Capital was previously known as Central Trust PLC. Companies in the CT Capital Group, including Central Trust, are all in the financial sector, providing loans and other financial solutions to UK customers.

The head office of the CT Capital plc Group is in Norwich. From there the group manages their investment companies. In 2010, Central Trust managed to secure a £90 million credit facility with two major banks: The Royal Bank of Scotland and the National Australia Bank. This funding allowed Central Trust to restart their secured loan business, which they left behind, along with the Central Trust mortgage sector, in 2008.

Currently, Central Trust only offers secured loans and has no plans to re-enter the Central Trust mortgage market, although Central Trust mortgages may become available at some point in the future. The company is a member of the finance and Leasing Association (FLA) and is therefore bound by their Lending Code of Conduct.

Central Trust secured loans are available direct from Central Trust, or via a broker. Customers can make an online application for a loan or call Central Trust on their freephone number.

The company doesn’t offer customers advice on which products are most suitable for them. However, it does provide plenty of information so that customers can make an informed decision about whether a secured loan is the right product for their requirements.

Fixed rate products</a> are available to make budget planning easier. Loan repayments can be fixed for up to three years. After this period ends, the loan will switch to a standard variable rate product.

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