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Coutts & Co

Coutts & Co’s products include variable rate, tracker, fixed rate, investment property, mortgage reserve and currency mortgages.

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About Coutts & Co

Coutts & Co is synonymous with private banking, and today is one of the UK’s best-known wealth management institutions. Coutts & Co is wholly owned by RBS and is their wealth division, but once upon a time it was a goldsmith-bankers shop on the Strand in London.

John Campbell, a young Scotsman, founded the bank in 1692. In 1755, Campbell’s granddaughter married James Coutts, and the bank became known as Campbell & Coutts. The bank grew and prospered, expanding outside of London and, eventually, internationally. In 1990, Coutts & Co merged with NatWest and when The Royal Bank of Scotland Group acquired the NatWest Group, Coutts became the private banking arm of RBS.

Today Coutts & Co provides private banking and wealth management services for clients with more than £1 million investible assets, who also require a lending facility in excess of £1 million. The bank offers a host of services, including tax advice, portfolio management, commercial banking, and mortgages.

Coutts & Co mortgages are for customers aged 18 years and over.

Two-year tracker mortgages are linked to the Coutts & Co base rate.

Fixed rate mortgages from Coutts & Co are available from between two and five years.

Currency mortgages allow customers to borrow against a UK property in an alternative currency to Sterling.

Investment Coutts & Co mortgages are suitable for customers wishing to invest in property that won’t be their primary residence.

Mortgage reserve accounts provide an extra borrowing facility, which can be used as part of a wider wealth management strategy.

In order to have access to Coutts & Co mortgages, potential applicants must be accepted as a client first.

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