Travel insurance

Looking for a great deal on travel insurance? Here’s our essential 11-point checklist to help you get the right cover at the right price.

1. Have you read our travel insurance guide? It’s a great starting point if you’re looking for travel insurance.

2. Do you need worldwide or European cover?

3. Do you need annual travel insurance or single-trip travel insurance.

4. How much cover will the policy give you for your baggage, valuables and cash? Is it enough?

5. Will the policy give you compensation if your holiday is cancelled or cut short?

6. Have you declared any pre-existing medical conditions? (If you don’t declare any illnesses your claim could be rejected.)

7. Is the policy open to people of your age? If you’re over 65, you may need to use a specialist travel insurer.

8. Is there anything that the policy doesn’t cover? (Are there any exclusions?)

9. What’s the excess? (The excess is a set amount that you’ll have to pay if you make a claim. A higher excess will mean a cheaper policy.)

10. Does it cover you for all the activities you might want to do, like skiing, rafting or diving?

11. Have you shopped around? Don’t just take the first quote you see – use a price comparison site to make sure you’re getting a competitive price.