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Series two of Snatch comes to AMC this week. Ahead of the premiere, we sat down with Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Juliet Aubrey (Primeval) and Luke Pasqualino (Skins) to find out behind the scenes details and what's in store for series two — and beyond.

They say Spain is a gangster’s paradise. Was it paradise for you guys, filming in Spain?

Rupert: It was definitely paradise.

Luke: Yeah.

Rupert: It’s a beautiful place. It was quite easy to forget that we were there to work. It’s a perfect location for Snatch, I think. Historically, it’s very famous for hiding bank robbers. It’s got a really rich criminal history. It just felt like the perfect place to come back and film. It was a lot of fun.

Even in a three-piece suit?

Rupert: Oh man. Yeah, a three-piece suit was a bad choice, and a neck scarf as well. It was quite hot. I had a lot of fake tan as well. It was still fun amongst all that.

Luke: I agree. I didn’t have a three-piece suit to wear, but a lot of leather jackets and heavy boots. But it was a lot of fun. Apart from that, it was paradise.

How does being in Spain change the characters you meet and the adventures you have in the series?

Luke: At the end of season one, you see the characters go off to Spain with ten million pounds on a boat. I think the fact the characters are on strange soil, that’s what keeps the characters on their toes and that’s where the drama comes in. They’re always slightly out of their comfort zone. Obviously with the Spanish characters they meet in series two, they’re sort of stepping into the unknown with these guys. They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. I think that’s where a lot of the drama comes from. It lends itself well to the show.


What can the audience expect in terms of changes for your characters from series one to series two?

Rupert: Charlie is a bit of a broken man at the beginning. He fell in love in series one with a lady named Chloe Cohen, and I think he’s still bruised from that relationship when we find him. She jumped ship halfway to Spain — she dumped him on the boat and took her share of the money. He’s slightly damaged from that. I think the biggest change for Charlie is he’s got a real thirst for leadership, and he’s constantly trying to find opportunities where he can step in. He actually doubts a lot of Albert’s decisions, which kind of makes them clash a little bit, occasionally. He’s a bit more serious — less drinking, more business.

Juliet: More pills.

Rupert: [Laughs] More pills. The first season, I struggled to tune into Charlie. He’s kind of an alien character; I never really met anyone like him. He’s almost from a different era. He’s quite hard to find who he is. I kind of used a bit of Prince Harry in there, but now in series two, we know who the characters are, so it’s easier to develop that.

Luke: I think with Albert, his goal in series two is he wants to straight, he wants to leave the criminal life behind him. In episode one, you see they’re trying to acquire a bar and get investors. It’s his dream to go straight and leave that bit behind him. He just sees it as too much stress and too much to handle.

Obviously as the series goes on, you see that it doesn’t turn out that way. He’s always getting brought back into that life of crime and the underworld — the life he’s been born into, really, with the help of his dad and mates like Charlie.

Then you’ve got Lily, she’s the real leader of the family, just quietly overseeing everything. [Juliet and I] have a lot of lovely scenes together this series. They share a lot of the same struggles.

Juliet: Lily leaves the end of series one on a real high, driving the speedboat out of there with the money, going toward a dream she’s dreamt about for years with Vic. They’re going somewhere sunny, somewhere hot, going to live this beautiful life. It just turns into a total nightmare. It’s the opposite of what she thought it was going to be, it’s hell in paradise.

And with a relationship — you might miss your partner, but as soon as they come back, you’re driving each other crazy and you don’t really know each other. With them, that’s multiplied by a million times because he’s been inside for years. They don’t really know each other anymore. She doesn’t know how to relate to him; she doesn’t even know why she fell in love with him in the first place. But they have the money and they’re trying to start again, and she wants to go straight, but he doesn’t want to go straight.

She starts the series really down, but you’ve got to go down so far before you start coming up. She’s trying to find out what she needs rather than what’s needed of her through the family and through Vic being inside. She’s beginning again, so it’s quite an exciting journey for Lily.

The characters in the series are like a family. What was filming like?

Juliet: It’s like in the script. I had to keep the young ones under control.

Luke: [Laughs] She’s like a stepmother.

Juliet: I tried to get them to learn Spanish, asking them, “How much Spanish have you learned today?” [Luke] is Italian as well, so there’s no excuse. We had a lot of fun together. It’s lovely being away together rather than all going home to your own houses every day. You start working really well as a team then. We quickly learned how to work together on an ad hoc basis.


Rupert, working as a producer, what are the changes? Does it help you get more involved with the character?

Rupert: It was an interesting perspective, and I enjoyed working as an Executive Producer. I didn’t really throw my weight around. It was interesting to have that perspective, but it was more of an exploratory role for me to see that side of making films. I wasn’t too hands on. It’s something I’d love to kind of do more of and get a bit more involved in. It was a mad shoot — Snatch in its nature is kind of chaotic and crazy. It had an interesting energy and always felt alive.

With the change in cast coming into series two and some of the new faces behind the camera, was there anyone in particular that you guys were excited to work with?

Luke: Kevin Connolly was a big one for me, personally. Kevin is an actor first, and he’s been an actor longer than he’s been a director. It’s nice for us, as actors, to have somebody who understood what it was like to be on the other side of the camera as well. Kevin’s a delight. He was amazing to work with. You could ask him anything, and he would have the answer.

Juliet: It helped create a sense of freedom on set, to be able to try new things. Definitely a sense of freedom for the actors to create and kind of own their characters. I loved working with Kevin.

Luke: Yeah, he’s great.

Rupert: All the directors we worked with were great. We had quite a good experience with all of them.

Is there anywhere else in the world you’d like to take the Snatch gang to next series?

Juliet: Cuba.

Rupert: We can kind of go anywhere, I think.

Luke: Italy would be nice. We could get involved with the mafia.

Rupert: Vegas would be quite fun.

Juliet: There would be a few heists in Italy, wouldn’t there? Some really, really good ones. Stealing Jesus Christ’s foreskin from the Vatican. There’s quite a few that could be done.

Series two of Snatch premieres tomorrow night on AMC — exclusive to BT subscribers.

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