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Netflix just raised its prices

Netflix just raised its prices

Netflix just got more expensive in the US.

The basic plan which doesn’t offer high definition has increased from $8 a month to $9. The HD package – which is its most popular – is up from $11 to $13, while the premium tier, which gives you 4K content and streaming on up to four screens at once, is now up from $14 to $16.

New customers will feel the price hike immediately. Existing customers will have it phased in over the next three months.

However, there’s no price rise on the horizon for UK customers. The last UK price hike came in October 2017. In the UK, prices start at £5.99 a month, with the HD package costing £7.99 and the premium tier £9.99.

CEO Reed Hastings previously said that incremental price hikes were necessary to allow it to continue investing in original content.

Last year alone, Netflix launched around 700 original shows. It currently has over 130 million subscribers around the world.

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