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Sky plans Simpsons Day to celebrate start of season 30

Sky plans Simpsons Day to celebrate start of season 30

The Simpsons’ 30th series starts on Friday 1st February, and to celebrate, Sky One is showing some of the show’s best episodes.

From 1pm, Sky One will show “some of the most beloved episodes from the show’s 30-year run”. What will be included? Lemon of Troy? Marge vs. The Monorail? Homer’s Enemy? As long as they stick within series two to eight, we’ll be happy. Anything after that is a waste of time.

Series 30 starts at 8pm that night, so there’s a full seven hours of classic episodes to enjoy. The season 30 debut sees Bart ending up in hospital after a stunt goes wrong. To avoid getting in trouble, he lies and says he saw Heaven while he was unconscious. This leads to Christian producers offering to turn his supposed religious experience into a film.

Chances are it won’t be great. The show has been irrelevant for about two decades now, a sorry state of affairs underlined by the recent controversy surrounding the character of Apu (a 2017 documentary accused the character of being a racist stereotype; the programme makers responded by effectively saying ‘Get over it’).

But still, if you want to remind yourself of how good the show used to be, settle in for an afternoon’s viewing on 1st February.

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