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Twitter to livestream NBA games but focus on one player

Twitter to livestream NBA games but focus on one player

Twitter has signed a deal with the NBA (National Basketball Association) to livestream games, but only by focussing on one player.

It's a strange deal designed to not compromise the NBA’s deal with Turner Broadcasting, which airs the games on US TV. And it means viewers on the microblogging social network will only see very limited parts of the game.

For a start, Twitter will only stream the second half of the game. Then there’s the view that you get – the camera will track one single player for the entirety, in what’s known as the “iso-cam” view. Users can vote which player this camera will follow by tweeting at the @NBAonTNT Twitter account.

If the iso-cam player is substituted or ejected because of too many fouls, the view will switch to a camera located behind one of the backboards instead of the standard halfway line view of a TV broadcast. It will show the match as normal, albeit from a very limited viewpoint.

Think of it as an experiment for now. But if it proves a success, other sports could follow suit. Harry Kane cam, anyone?

The deal starts next month with the NBA’s annual All-Star game. In total, it will encompass 20 games this season, including at least one playoff game.

Source: Recode

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