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Watch the first teaser for The Punisher season 2

Watch the first teaser for The Punisher season 2

Netflix has released the first teaser for the second series of The Punisher, ahead of the series' debut on Netflix on 18th January.

The teaser sees Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) burning the pardon he received at the end of the first series. In other words, he’ll remain as The Punisher for the time being.

Along with Jessica Jones, The Punisher is one of Netflix’s few remaining Marvel properties, after the service recently cancelled Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil.

Disney – which owns Marvel – will launch its own streaming service called Disney+ later this year.

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While Disney hasn’t confirmed that Daredevil will continue on the service, it has said his journey will continue in some capacity. There’s no word on what will be the fate of the other Marvel original series.

It looks like Netflix will have to get used to life without Marvel pretty soon.

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