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Netflix has a new ident animation

Netflix has a new ident animation

If you log on to Netflix you might notice a slightly different animation at the beginning of Netflix original shows. This is known as an ident, which Netflix has revamped.

Here’s how it looks.

As with any redesign, there’s a lengthy explanation about how it better represents its brand values. Here we go:

“The former ident was introduced nearly five years ago when we first started making Netflix originals,” the firm writes. “We were available in only a handful of countries then. Today, our shows, films and specials span across genres and cultures. Our members from around the world watch them in English, Thai, Italian, Spanish and more.

“The new ident animation reflects the diversity and variety of our content. Our favourite part is when the Netflix symbol breaks out into an array of colours – which is inspired by the spectrum of stories, emotions, languages, fans and creators that collectively make up who we are as a brand.”

You’ll see the new ident on new Netflix originals right away. Later in the year, the firm will retroactively add it to all of its original films and shows.

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