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The best TV shows coming in 2021

The best TV shows coming in 2021

The arrival of a new TV show has been a lifeline this year, with shows like The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, and even the surprise hit Tiger King saving many of us from unending hours of boredom in lockdown.

With so little else to do, the importance of exciting new TV shows has never been higher for many of us, and it looks like there are a few brilliant new shows to look forward to in 2021.

New show TV shows in 2021

Conversations With Friends (BBC)

Conversations With Friends is another adaptation from award-winning author Sally Rooney, following on the heels of the massive success that was Normal People. Coming to the BBC in 2021, the story follows best friends and ex-lovers as they become entangled with an alluring older couple.

Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)

Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)

If you’re a fan of psychological dramas, then add Behind Her Eyes to your 2021 wishlist. Single mother Louise starts work at a psychiatrist’s office and begins an affair with her boss. This all takes a dark turn when she then becomes friends with his wife. Starring Simona Brown, Tom Bateman and Eve Hewson.

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This Is Going To Hurt (BBC)

Starring Ben Whishaw, this is another book adaptation for the BBC based on Adam Kay’s bestselling diaries of a junior doctor. It follows the highs and lows of a junior doctor working on a labour ward, all told with brutal honesty.

Intergalactic (Sky One)

Intergalactic Sky OneThis Is Going To Hurt (BBC)

This new sci-fi epic is set in a dystopian future in which Earth is governed by a global authority, the Commonworld, where prisoners are exiled into outer space. Starring Eleanor Tomlinson, Parminder Nagra, Savannah Steyn, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Thomas Turgoose and Natasha O’Keeffe, Intergalactic follows a young cop who is wrongly convicted of a crime, so she and her fellow inmates stage a mutiny and set out to reach the free world.

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It's A Sin (Channel 4)

This Channel 4 drama is set in the 1980s and has an all-star cast, including Olly Alexander, Neil Patrick Harris, Keeley Hawes and Stephen Fry. It follows the lives of five 18-year-olds who move into a London flat and experience the impact of the AIDS pandemic.

The Pembrokeshire Murders (ITV)

The Pembrokeshire Murders (ITV)

This true-crime drama stars Luke Evans and tells the story of newly-appointed Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins, who revisits two unsolved double murders from the 1980s. Originally set to air this year, The Pembrokeshire Murders is now set to be released in 2021.

The Irregulars (Netflix)

Can’t get enough of Sherlock Holmes? Then The Irregulars is for you. It tells the story of the street kids from the original Arthur Conan Doyle books, who aid Holmes and Watson in solving crimes and battling supernatural villains. Starring Henry-Lloyd Hughes as Sherlock and Royce Pierreson playing Dr Watson, The Irregulars should be streaming on Netflix in 2021.

Shows returning in 2021

A lot of TV shows had to pause production during the pandemic, meaning new seasons of some of our favourite shows are still waiting to be completed. Luckily the industry adapted and there will be a few favourites returning to our screens in 2021.

Riverdale Season 5 (Netflix)

If you were a fan of Archie Comics, let’s face it, you probably hate Riverdale. However, everyone else seems to love its plentiful helping of dramatic and mysterious storylines.

Season 5 is scheduled for release at some point in early 2021. Be prepared for plenty of suspenseful and emotional scenes as the gang look to find out who’s behind those videotapes.

Killing Eve Season 4 (BBC)

The bizarre back and forth between Even and Villanelle is set to continue into 2021, with Sex Education creator Laura Neal on board to write the fourth season. You can rewatch every episode on iPlayer now, with the new season hopefully arriving around April 2021.

Sex Education Season 3 (Netflix)

Will Maeve find out the truth about Otis’ feelings for her? How will Jean and her son’s relationship change? And are Eric and Adam really going to date out in the open? Here’s hoping we find out the answer to these questions and more in 2021 when season 3 is due to return.

Stranger Things Season 4 (Netflix)

Netflix’s most popular show to date is predicted to return to our screens around October 2021. So it’s still a while until we find out if Chief Hopper survived being locked in the portal, although I’d bet money he did.

Succession Season 3 (Sky Atlantic)

succession HBO

The family of filthy rich media moguls are due to return and pick up where they left off, as patriarch Logan Roy attempts to manage his empire and his dysfunctional family at the same time.

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