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Here’s why you should probably cancel Netflix

Here’s why you should probably cancel Netflix

During 2020, our Netflix subscriptions became something of a lifeline, with a night in front of the TV having to act as a substitute for a night on the town. But now that life is looking like it might return to normal soon, do we still need Netflix?

For those on the Standard subscription, Netflix is costing us just under £120 a year. Is this money that could be saved or better spent elsewhere on other streaming services?

Why is Netflix so popular?

Netflix was the first streaming service that wasn’t part of another paid service, like Sky Go, and one that invested heavily in original content. We’ve come a long way from House of Cards, but the fact that you could only watch that and other Originals like Orange is the New Black on Netflix, quickly built up a devout fan base.

Over the years, Netflix has invested heavily in producing original content, and what was once seen as a fad site is now recognised as an Academy Award-winning studio. As it grew in popularity, and more and more big names signed on to star in Netflix Original movies and TV shows, having a Netflix subscription became a standard requirement if you wanted to watch the latest trending content.

So is it fear of missing out that keeps you from cancelling your subscription? You don’t want to miss out on the next Tiger King, Queen’s Gambit or Bridgerton, so you keep your £9.99 monthly direct debit running.

What are the best Netflix Originals?

When it comes to Netflix Originals, it can seem like a constant clash between quality and quantity, with new shows released regularly, the choice can seem overwhelming.

According to IMDB, these are some of the best Netflix Originals:

  1. When They See Us (9/10)
  2. Narcos (8.9/10)
  3. Stranger Things (8.8/10)
  4. The Crown (8.7/10)
  5. Marvels' The Punisher (8.7/10)
  6. Bojack Horseman (8.6/10)
  7. Marvel’s Daredevil (8.6/10)
  8. Mindhunter (8.6/10)
  9. The Witcher (8.5/10)
  10. Sex Education (8.3/10)
  11. Godless (8.3/10)
  12. Ozark (8.3/10)
  13. American Vandal (8.2/10)
  14. Dead To Me (8.1/10)
  15. Orange is the New Black (8.1/10)
  16. Glow (8/10)
  17. The Umbrella Academy (8/10)
  18. Russian Doll (8/10)
  19. Big Mouth (8/10)
  20. Unorthodox (8/10)

All of these are great shows, but it’s worth thinking about when you last watched one of these shows.

When was your last Netflix binge?

When was the last time you binged a Netflix show, and not just because you were bored? You may have Binge-watched the latest season of The Crown, but have you watched anything else new recently? Do you really want to spend £9.99 a month just to rewatch old episodes you’ve seen before?

The production of many shows was put on hold during the pandemic. So while we chewed through old movies and TV shows during lockdown, there isn’t going to be as big a batch of new content coming out until production gets back to its previous scale.

Cancel your Netflix subscription … temporarily

The great thing about Netflix is that it’s a totally flexible monthly subscription, meaning you could easily cancel after each binge and simply restart it when there’s a new batch of content you’re excited to watch. And since Netflix is known for drop releasing a whole series in one night, you could simply wait until there’s a few shows you want to watch, subscribe for a month and then binge content to your heart’s content.

You could use the time between to delve into content on other platforms such as Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Britbox and NOW, all of which have a wealth of great content and are also available on a month-by-month basis.

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Rather than running four subscriptions at the same time, getting overwhelmed by choice, and spending your nights rewatching the same shows, your time and money could be better spent picking and choosing a platform of choice each month and exploring all the amazing content that’s on offer.

Not ready to cancel Netflix? See if you could save more by bundling your Netflix in with your Sky TV and broadband.

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