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Senior Clojure Engineer - contract - London


We are looking for someone to fill a short term position to provide support for multiple back office clojure applications. You will be very comfortable in clojure and in some cases will need to learn the system by investigating code and piecing together connections from config. There will be some basic support available but you will need to be fine working with low levels of direction, and work to a set of outcomes.

You would also be required to document and communicate your learnings such that it can be used as onboarding information for new starters.
You will also be responsible for ensuring the current production systems are working and performing their tasks and where needed adding metrics & alarms or providing improved visibility into error conditions.

We are in the process of re-platforming and re-writing some core back office services, so their could be additional requirements to help transition & migrate some of the legacy systems gradually to the new platform. (Strangulation pattern)

Our tech stack:

  • Clojure + Clojurescript (80%)
  • Ruby + Javascript (20%)
  • Postgres, DynamoDB, Elastic Search
  • Docker
  • AWS + Kubernetes
  • Promtheus + statsd
  • lambda + kinesis, kafka, SQS
  • Terraform, Vault


  • low ceremony agile
  • continuous delivery
  • we own our production environments and do most of the ops within the team
  • Metrics driven development
  • We favour moving quickly (test in production - within reason)
  • autonomous teams that own strategy


Must Have

  • Can & willing to work with low direction and support. Work with outcomes
  • Comfortable in production Clojure systems
  • Distributed systems knowledge
  • Postgres database administration
  • Debugging clojure apps
  • Good communication & documentation skills


  • Serverless (AWS lambda and kinesis)
  • Kubernetes / Docker
  • SQS
  • Prometheus


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