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DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes / AWS)

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DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes / AWS)

Courage Yard, 5 Copper Row, London, SE1 2LH

Job Description

DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes / AWS)

uSwitch is an impartial comparison and switching service. Our teams are organised around the product that a customer is trying to compare (energy, broadband + TV, mobile phones ...). Traditionally infrastructure has been built and operated inside of these different teams. We are a cross product team working to improve consistency in how our services are built, deployed and automated.

Teams have used AWS primitives directly (via terraform, puppet and cli), we are now using Kubernetes to help us provide a better abstraction for teams to run their services.

We also look after and help people use supporting services like: Kafka, Drone CI, ElasticSearch+Logstash+Kibana (ELK) and InfluxDB.

You will:

  • Plan and work on our common infrastructure
  • Work with teams to design, build and improve systems
  • Help migrate remaining services onto our common infrastructure
  • Debug issues across applications and levels of the stack
  • Develop tooling to help our teams work better

We are interested in people who:

  • Care about the needs of the users of the infrastructure
  • Enjoy investigating and solving complex issues
  • Can write code to a high standard (Go, Ruby, Clojure)
  • Like to design and assess systems
  • Have a solid understanding of GNU/Linux

We are not expecting people to be experts in all of the above.

Our current technology stack

  • Languages: Clojure, Ruby, HTML, Javascript, Python, R Frameworks: Rails, Sinatra, Compojure, D3
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Redshift, Kafka, Redis, mysql, memcached Platforms: EC2, ubuntu, vagrant, docker
  • Devops: puppet, nginx, fabric, ELB, route53

Culture - What is our culture?

We empower intelligent people to make intelligent decisions. We give them the autonomy to experiment and the flexibility to develop ways to provide our customers a simple and personal service. We`re all extremely proud of working here and that shows through the commitment and the passion in every day life at uSwitch. So in a nutshell we`re just what you`re looking for if you want to develop yourself and make a difference.

If you`re interested in joining the team at uSwitch please send a little something about yourself and links to your StackOverflow profile, GitHub profile, blog, etc in your CV

Sorry, this vacancy is closed.

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