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Senior Engineer (Clojure / Ruby / React) - Energy

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Senior Engineer (Clojure / Ruby / React) - Energy

Courage Yard, 5 Copper Row, London, SE1 2LH

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Senior Engineer - Energy

uSwitch is the largest energy comparison site in the UK. We support hundreds of thousands of customers per year in better understanding one of their largest household costs. Our free and impartial service can be saving customers up to £650 per year which means that some people no longer have to choose between heating their home over winter and buying food.

The energy market is changing; gone are the days of six giant suppliers shaving pennies of each other`s prices. The market has grown to almost 60 providers, many of which have special requirements; some are only available regionally, some only if you consume a certain amount of electricity or are with a certain supplier currently. Competition is fierce and customers are impatient. Our core Clojure comparison engine has to transform a customer`s annual consumption data into a calculated cost and saving versus hundreds of possible plans on the market in a few milliseconds.

We traditionally haven`t had opera singers or meerkats shouting about our service. Instead, we have relied on using technology to outmanoeuvre our competitors with a small, fast moving team offering a best in market (and much imitated) comparison service. How we choose to display energy comparisons defines energy comparison

The role

Our teams are autonomous, guided by a leadership group but free to solve problems in any way they see fit. We focus on problems not projects. Developers are the product experts. If we feel a language is a better fit for a problem than one we are currently using, we will rewrite our code in that language. We are running production code written in Clojure, Ruby, Elixir, Go, React etc. We embrace microservices where appropriate. We deploy to production dozens of times every day with a simple push to master. There are no barriers to releasing features - we have no QA team and no project managers.

Your Profile

We are looking for people to join our team of experts. We want someone interested in understanding the whole business problem we face and leveraging technology as a solution. We are looking for people skilled in web development and building successful products. We want someone passionate about their craft and looking to help guide the technical vision of the comparison product. With the advent of smart meters on the horizon, we need people interested in re-defining how the public thinks of the UK energy market.

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