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We use cutting edge technology to simplify everyday choices for millions of homes

here's how we do it

Good people

From our developers to our designers, our copywriters to our analysts, we're chock-full of talent, and we believe in giving our people the freedom to experiment. Our projects allow them to use their skills and experience to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. And because we trust in their abilities, they always deliver.

Let's get together

When people work well together they build something greater than the sum of its parts. And when talented people who respect each other collaborate, it happens naturally.

affinity (ah-FIN-i-tee) - 1. a natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship. 2. an inherent similarity between persons or things. 3. a relationship or resemblance in structure that suggests a common origin.

We love data

Data informs everything we do and allows us to learn from real-world behaviour. From words on the page to the biggest projects we test what we do with users to inform our decision-making. We believe the best way to build is to start small, release early and refine.

"When data is combined with fast iterations we can create a system people naturally choose, not one they have to work around." Paul Lam, Data Scientist

Data underpins everything we do

Caring about quality

We love what we do, so whatever we write, design, or build, we want it to be the best it can be. From picking a font for our site (FS Elliot in case you're wondering), to reducing page load time, or maintaining a consistent tone of voice, we want it to be right.

"A root word of technology - techne - originally meant 'art'. The ancient Greeks never separated art from manufacture in their minds, and so never developed separate words for them." ~ Robert Prisig

We're helping people make smarter choices. We've made a great start, but there's so much more we want to do.

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