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uSwitch comments on BT Group’s end of year results

Following BT Group’s results announcement this morning, Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, comments: “BT Group’s decision to increase the pace and ambition of Openreach’s fibre investment programme is more than just an astute business move.

“It’s likely to prove a crucial strategic decision as the telecoms giant fights to retain its pre-eminent position in the market.

“While Openreach enjoys a huge legacy advantage with its unmatched, nationwide network, it is facing the prospect of much stiffer competition when it comes to the emerging world of full-fibre.

“A string of ambitious and well-funded new entrants are busy building their own fibre infrastructure, and building their future business plans around it.

“Openreach’s response has been to accelerate the pace of its own full-fibre installation, and it’s now connecting fibre for the first time to 20,000 homes and businesses a week.

“From a consumer point of view, this fight to rollout full fibre networks could be good news if it leads to more people getting access to full-fibre sooner, and at the right price.

“Nevertheless, for broadband users to feel the benefit of these ultrafast services in a timely manner, it’s vital that Openreach sticks to its ambitious rollout timetable, there is strong competition on the retail products offered to consumers and that the industry works harder to communicate the availability of these services to consumers.”

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