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Credit card eligibility checker

  • Answer a few questions to see if you are likely to be approved for a credit card
  • Reduce the chances of being rejected for credit cards and potentially damaging your credit score
  • This is not an application and will not affect your credit score

What would you like to use the credit card for?

Your personal details

Your address

Your employment details


Additional questions

Answer the questions below to see more credit cards you may be pre-approved for

The pre-tax income of anyone living at the address with a financial connection to you (e.g. joint bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards)
Is your spending affected by the coronavirus situation? You need to tell us what your childcare and/or other care costs were before the coronavirus situation. For example, if you’re now spending less on childcare because you’re at home, tell us what your expenses were before that. Please include: Your share of all essential childcare costs, such as nursery, pre-school, childminding, before/after school clubs and child support/maintenance payments. Also include what you spend on other care, this can include disability/elderly care e.g. care home or private nursing costs. Don't include: Any costs already taken from your pay as a salary sacrifice, general living costs (such as food and travel) and/or optional childcare expenses (such as private school fees/hobbies or extra tuition).

By submitting this form I agree with the uSwitch privacy policy and the transfer of my data to HD Decisions and Capital One so they can provide a soft credit check. I agree to both

HD Decisions' terms of use
Capital One's terms of use.

Eligibility checker FAQs

How does the eligibility checker work?

The Uswitch eligibility checker uses the information you've provided to run a ‘soft’ credit check on your credit file. We do this to estimate the likelihood of you being accepted for a credit card. Unlike a full credit card application, it does not leave a mark on your credit file.

We run your given details via our soft credit check partners HD Decisions and Capital One. They cross reference a profile based on your information with the acceptance criteria of different credit cards.

Your information is kept securely and will be used in accordance with our terms of use and privacy policy, HD Decisions' terms of use and Capital One's terms of use.

Who can use this service?

Anyone over 18 with a UK address can use our eligibility checker.

To get the most accurate results, you'll typically need at least three years of address history. You could still get a credit card without this, but there'll be a more limited number available to you.

Will using the eligibility checker appear on my credit file?

No. Because the eligibility checker only performs a soft credit check, it does not appear on your credit file. It is not the same as a formal application for credit, meaning using this tool will not be flagged to potential lenders as an application on your credit report.

A soft credit check simply means, we look at the information you’ve provided and information on your credit report to estimate your credit score (we do not see the score you do).

This also means we can only provide an estimate of your eligibility for a credit card and cannot guarantee acceptance or rejection.

Lots of hard checks (or formal applications) could make it look like you are desperate for credit. This is offputting to prospective credit card providers or lenders because it suggests you cannot repay debt.

Why do you need my personal and employment details?

Your age, name and address are used to verify your identity and match it up to your credit file.

As credit card providers care about the security of your income, employment status is used as a rough indicator of this.

Some cards have minimum income requirements. To avoid inaccurate probability results, please ensure this is accurate.

How long are my results valid for?

Your eligibility results are estimates based on information pulled from your credit profile on the day you perform the check. However, these estimates may become less accurate as time passes, especially if you do anything that might affect your credit score or your circumstances change.

Our soft credit checking partners (HD decisions and Capital One) refresh the information they use to estimate your eligibility on a monthly basis.

So, if you are looking at results that are a few weeks old, you should probably start again and do a new eligibility check to get more accurate results.

If you have any pre-approved results, these are only valid for 24 hours from when you first complete the eligibility check.

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