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Compare electricity prices and switch in minutes

Search for a cheap electricity deal with Uswitch. Enter your postcode below to start comparing electricity prices.

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How do I find the cheapest electricity supplier?

There isn’t one single cheap electricity supplier for everyone. The cheapest electricity deal for you will depend on your consumption levels, the type of meter you have (standard, prepayment or smart meter), what type of tariff you’d prefer (fixed or variable), and whether you’d like your electricity to be renewable.

  • Make sure you compare electricity prices regularly to make sure you’re on the best deal.

  • Try to have a recent bill or annual statement to hand so you can compare electricity prices tailored to your usage.

  • If you use both gas and electricity in your home, be sure to compare electricity prices alongside dual fuel deals. You might find that a dual fuel tariff works out cheaper for you.

If you haven’t switched in a while, it’s likely you’re on your supplier’s standard variable tariff, which is typically the most expensive type of plan. The cheapest electricity tariffs can often be found by switching to a fixed deal. You might not even need to switch away from your supplier to get a better deal - run a comparison to find the cheapest electricity tariff on offer from your supplier.

If you only use electricity in your home, enter your details and we’ll show you the cheapest electricity deals we can switch you to today. If you use both gas and electricity in your home we’ll automatically show you dual fuel deals – but if you want to compare electricity prices on their own, simply select ‘show me electricity deals’ on your results page.

Will switching electricity suppliers lead to an interruption in my supply?

No. Your new cheap electricity supplier will continue to use exactly the same wires, pipes and meters that you currently use (unless you’ve arranged for them to install a smart meter). Switching to a cheap electricity supplier isn’t about getting a physically different power supply – the only thing that changes is that you’ll get cheaper electricity bills and they’re issued by a different supplier.

Your new electricity supplier will also contact your existing supplier to arrange the transfer to make sure there is no disruption to your service. 

Does cheap electricity mean poor customer service?

No, switching to a cheap electricity tariff doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compromising on customer service. 

When you compare electricity prices with Uswitch we’ll show you each supplier’s customer satisfaction rating on the ‘plan info’ page. These are based on real customer reviews so you can choose the best electricity deal based on customer service as well as price.

You can also check out our energy awards to decide whether to switch to a supplier with the cheapest electricity tariff for you or one with great customer reviews – often these are the same thing. 

How do I switch to a cheap electricity deal?

The cheapest electricity tariff is not necessarily the same for every home, so it’s important to shop around for quotes tailored to your needs. The only way to find out which supplier has the best electricity deal for you is to run an electricity comparison on a site like Uswitch.

To start your search for a cheap electricity deal, you’ll need to tell us two things:

- Where you live – so have your postcode ready to start your comparison for cheap electricity! We’ll search for the cheapest electricity supplier for you.

- How much electricity you use. You don’t need to know your exact usage, we can make an estimate based on how many people you live with and the size of your home. However, for the most accurate results enter your electricity consumption in kWh.

Once you’ve chosen your new cheap electricity plan, we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t have to let your current supplier know you’re switching, as we’ll put your old and new suppliers in touch to arrange a switchover date.

For suppliers that adhere to the Energy Switch Guarantee, your whole electricity switch should be complete within five days. This includes a cooling off period in which you can cancel your switch.

Why should I switch electricity supplier?

If you haven’t switched to a cheaper electricity plan in the past year or two, or if you’ve never switched, it’s likely you’re on your supplier’s default or standard variable tariff. The cheapest electricity tariffs are often fixed plans, which offer a cheap introductory rate for new customers. Even if you previously signed up for a fixed electricity plan, this is only for a limited time and your supplier will usually move you away from your cheap electricity tariff onto a standard variable tariff after the fixed period is over (often 12-24 months). Around half of UK households are on these tariffs, and unfortunately they’re often the most expensive type of plan available. The only way to change to a cheaper electricity tariff is to switch - either by switching your electricity tariff or by changing electricity supplier entirely.

While the main reason most people switch is to get cheaper electricity, there are other reasons. Some people value customer service above monetary savings and others want to sign up to a green energy plan.

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† As of 22/06/2019, Uswitch scored 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 3,444 reviews on customer review site Feefo.