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What are broadband only deals?

Broadband only deals only include broadband internet services, without the home phone or TV services that many providers feature as part of their packages.

With a broadband only deal, you just pay for your internet access. So it's ideal if you have no need for phone or TV services and just want to get online as cheaply as possible.

One of the main benefits of these deals is that they tend to be cheaper, so they’re perfect for consumers on a tight budget. As people will not be paying extra for services they don’t want or won’t use, it can also be a simpler option.

However, there are a couple of things to be aware of when looking for the best broadband only deals. Some providers have varying definitions of what this actually means, so there are a few key differences to note.

The most common interpretation of broadband only is broadband without a phone line and the associated rental cost. However, many providers' broadband only deals will still come with an included phone line as a necessity, even if you don't want to use it to make calls. Here are some key terms to consider:

  • Broadband without a phone line: This is what many people assume broadband only will mean, and removes the need for a phone line entirely. However, only certain providers offer such services.
  • Broadband only with line rental: The most common form of broadband only deals, these will require you to have a phone line and pay line rental to your provider. Often, these will come with pay as you go phone services as add-ons. So you still have the option of a phone, but you won't pay for anything you don't use.
  • Mobile broadband: This type of wireless broadband connects you to the internet using a 3G or 4G mobile network via a data-only SIM card that does not allow you to make calls or send texts. No phone line is required, but a strong mobile connection is a must.

Best broadband only deals on in April 2023

PackageBroadband speedContract length
Community Fibre 1000Mbps Fibre Broadband - 12 Months920Mb average*12 months
Virgin Media M125 Ultrafast Fibre broadband only132Mb average*18 months
Vodafone Full Fibre 500500Mb average*24 months
Virgin Media M250 Ultrafast Fibre broadband only264Mb average*18 months
Community Fibre 50Mbps Fibre Broadband50Mb average*24 months
BT Fibre 2 Broadband67Mb average*24 months
Hyperoptic 1Gb Fibre Broadband - 12 Months900Mb average*12 months
Hyperoptic 150Mb Fibre Broadband - 12 Months158Mb average*12 months
BT Fibre 1 Broadband50Mb average*24 months
Gigaclear Ultrafast 300 Broadband300Mb average*18 months
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Which providers offer broadband only deals?

Almost all UK broadband providers offer some form of broadband only deal. But for the vast majority of these, you'll still need to pay for line rental.

However, there are some providers that offer true broadband only deals where no phone is required. The main supplier that offers this is Virgin Media broadband.

But full fibre providers such as Hyperoptic also offer these services where available. And mobile broadband operators such as Vodafone, O2, EE and Three also offer broadband only deals.

Do I need a phone line?

In most cases, yes. The majority of UK broadband providers deliver their internet connectivity via a phone line using Openreach's network, either through copper or fibre cables. So you will still need to have a connection in place.

However, some providers deliver their internet services via their own fibre or cable networe, so there's no phone line required for these services. These aren't as widely available as Openreach connections, so use our broadband postcode checker to see if you can access it where you are.

What are the disadvantages of broadband without landline?

The main disadvantage of broadband without a landline is not having a reliable phone option available should you need it.

While many people have chosen to cut the cord to their landline and rely on a mobile phone only, this could leave them without a way to communicate if there are network problems, or in the event of a prolonged power cut that leaves them unable to charge their device. Landlines will still operate in these circumstances, however, so can always be relied on in an emergency.

Can I get fibre broadband without a phone line?

Yes. Virgin's fibre deals are all available without a landline, and full fibre providers can deliver ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gbps without the need for a phone connection. If these services are available in your area, you can enjoy fast fibre broadband deals without a phone line.

If not, however, an extra charge for line rental will be necessary if you want to access fibre broadband from providers that use the Openreach network, which include the likes of BT, Sky, Plusnet and TalkTalk.

Are bundles a better option?

While broadband only deals will be the better option for many people who do not have an interest in phone or TV services, if you do want to add these options to your home, it may often be cheaper to opt for a bundled package, such as broadband & home phone deal, even if you only use these services occasionally.

For instance, while many broadband only providers offer pay as you go phone services, a bundle that comes with calls included may work out cheaper depending on how often you actually use them.

Meanwhile, adding pay TV channels to a bundle will often be less costly than getting them separately, as many pay TV providers offer better deals for those who take broadband and phone services from them as well.

Therefore, if you are considering getting some type of TV & broadband deal, be sure to compare broadband, phone and TV deals to make sure you're getting the best package for your needs.