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What is green energy?

Wind turbine

Green energy, also referred to as renewable energy, is generated from natural and renewable resources that can be replenished and do not harm the environment — as opposed to being generated by finite resources such as oil or coal that also produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Green energy can be generated from a range of sources, including the tides, the Sun, the wind and more.

Green energy is a particularly appealing concept to many people because, unlike fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, renewable energy sources will not run out and it will not harm the environment in the same way energy generation from fossil fuels does.

Because of this increased demand, green energy suppliers are no longer a niche concept. Most energy suppliers now offer green energy tariffs that offer some level of renewable energy.

Why should I switch to a green energy tariff?

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Help the planet

The key draw of a green tariff is in helping the planet in the fight against climate change by powering your home via clean renewable energy rather than harmful fossil fuels.

Save money

Many customers can save money on fixed green energy tariffs when they're compared to standard variable tariffs, which have long been the most expensive tariffs on the market.

Contribute to future green initiatives

The more green tariffs customers sign up to, the more funding can be contributed to renewable energy generation projects around the country.

Switch to a green energy tariff with confidence using Uswitch Green Accreditation

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Ready to switch? Uswitch's pioneering Green Accreditation scheme is here to help you make a well-informed choice.
1. Run an energy comparison below and look out for the ‘green plan’ badge on your results table. You can also filter the results by renewable energy plans.
2. In ‘plan features’ on the results page select ‘green plans’. You can choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze accredited plans, which have been categorised based on the amount of renewable energy suppliers directly buy and the level of investment they are making to support the growth of renewable energy.
3. Once you’ve chosen your new green energy plan, we’ll handle the rest of the switching process for you. Your new renewable energy supplier and your current supplier will agree on a switching date and you’ll receive a welcome pack.

Find the best green tariff for you

Below are just a few examples of green tariffs available through Uswitch*. To see all green deals available in your area, enter your postcode at the top of the page to start your energy comparison.

British Gas

Green Future May 2023v2

100% renewable electricity and at least 10% of green gas with all emissions offset

Good Energy

Good To Fix April 2023 v7

100% renewable electricity and at least 10% of green gas with all emissions offset


Super Green 24M Fixed

At least 42.9% of electricity bought from renewable generators under PPAs


Green Flexi August 2023 FM1

At least 42.9% of electricity bought from renewable generators under PPAs

*Tariffs may come off the market at short notice and the tariffs above may not be a current representation of market availability. Please run a full energy comparison for all green energy deals currently available in your area.

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Find the green supplier that suits you

Explore green energy deals from big names and disrupters across the market to find the one that's best for you.
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British Gas


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Good Energy

Octopus Energy

Ovo Energy


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Shell Energy

So Energy

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