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Temporary car insurance

Get a quote in 90 seconds and see what you could save with a cheap temporary car insurance deal.

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How does temporary insurance work?

Enter a few details

Choose when you want the policy to begin and how long you need cover for and provide some simple information about the vehicle and driver you want to insure

Check your price and policy

You’ll be shown the cheapest price from the underwriters available and any exclusions on the policy

Get covered

Buy your policy and get all your documents emailed to you straight away

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance, also known as short-term cover, allows you to insure a car for a few hours, days, weeks or months.  This can make it a useful option when your existing insurance isn’t right for the situation you’re in. If you need to borrow a car for a short time or only drive occasionally,  temporary car insurance could work out to be more cost-effective than annual cover.

What do you get with temporary car insurance?

Flexible durations

Get car insurance that lasts for hours, days, weeks or months.

Comprehensive cover

Enjoy full cover with no risk to your no-claims bonus.

Instant protection

No matter how short-notice your needs are, you'll be covered in minutes.

Is temporary car insurance right for you?

Temporary car insurance could be right for you if you're:

  • Borrowing a family member or friend’s car - Temporary car insurance can provide fully comprehensive cover from a few hours, up to 28 days.

  • Learning to drive in a family member’s or friend’s car - Adding a learner driver to someone else’s policy can be expensive and put the policyholder’s no claim discount at risk.

  • Test driving or driving away a new car - When you’re between cars, temporary car insurance ensures you’re properly covered while you arrange on-going cover.

  • Sharing the driving but don’t want to be added as a named driver - Adding a named driver to another person’s car insurance policy for just a short period isn’t always cost-effective.

What's covered with temporary car insurance?

What's covered?

  • Comprehensive cover

  • Accidental and malicious damage

  • Cover up to 28 days in advance

  • No risk to your no-claims bonus

  • Cover to drive in Europe with third-party or equivalent level 

What's not covered?

  • Driving cars other than the one on the policy

  • Additional drivers

  • Claims that happen outside the stated use of the car

  • Release from an impound

How much is temporary car insurance?

The cost of temporary car insurance depends on the driver, their licence and the vehicle they are looking to insure. More specifically:

  • Driving history - if the driver who is looking to be insured has any previous convictions or claims this can impact the temporary car insurance quote.

  • Location - quotes are also dependant on the location of the driver and where they wish to be insured and keep the vehicle.

  • Car insurance group - cars fall into different groups, which depend on the make and model. The higher the insurance group, the more expensive it will be to insure.

Temporary cover won't generally be cheaper than an annual policy on a day-by-day basis however can be better suited to the needs of the driver.

Temporary car insurance cost per hour, day and week

Hourly car insurance costDaily car insurance costWeekly car insurance cost
1 Hour: £21.931 Day: £38.181 Week: £112.97
2 Hours: £25.692 Days: £60.891-2 Weeks: £155.27
3 Hours: £27.203 Days: £77.812-3 Weeks: £203.89
4 Hours: £30.114 Days: £86.623 weeks + : £272.52
5 Hours: £32.375 Days: £97.78
6 Hours: £32.406 Days: £103.91

Figures from Tempcover, accurate as of 25/04/2023.

How many people in the UK use temporary car insurance?

bar chart of temporary car insurance sales per region in the UK

Temporary car insurance is a big deal in the UK, with a current market of about 5.4 million UK drivers. Around 15% of consumers have bought a temporary car insurance policy within the past two years, showing the huge popularity of what often stacks up as a cheaper and more flexible option.

England has the most temporary car insurance policyholders, representing 87% of the overall temporary car insurance market in the UK. Drivers in the South are most likely to use temporary car insurance, with the region making up 14% of the UK market. It’s followed by the Outer London area, which represents 11%. The North West region (9%), which includes Liverpool and Manchester, is the next biggest hub for temporary car insurance followed by East Anglia, at just over 8%.

Pie chart of temporary car insurance split by age groups

What is the average age of temporary car insurance users?

When it comes to the average age of temporary car insurance users, people aged 20-40 make up over 60% of temporary car insurance policyholders. Within this group, those aged 30-34 use temporary car insurance the most, representing over 18% of all temporary car insurance users. Only about 2% of temporary car insurance policyholders are in the 17-20 age group – younger drivers pay a lot more for car insurance in general so the higher cost deters use.

Many temporary car insurance deals are also only available to those aged 25 or above, but nearly 12% of users are 21-24. Those taking out temporary car insurance keeps increasing rapidly as you get nearer the 30-34 age group, rising to just under 18% for those aged 25-29. But temporary car insurance use falls steadily after the peak at 30-34. About 8% of temporary car insurance users are 45-49. Only 1.5% are in the 65-69 age bracket.

Leoni Moninskaquotation mark

Temporary car insurance policies are a great way to get instant, quick cover. You might be picking up your new car, tiding yourself over until you renew your annual policy, needing quick cover to move home, going on a road trip or planning to borrow a friend or family member’s vehicle. Hourly, daily and weekly policies are quick and easy to book, whatever you need them for.”

Leoni Moninska, Insurances Expert

Festival Temporary Car Insurance: get a quote in just 90 seconds

Image of license plates spelling out Lattitude, Reading, Glasto and Wireless

Experience ultimate peace of mind with Uswitch festival temporary car insurance cover in partnership with Tempcover.

According to our recent statistics*, almost two-thirds (63%) of festival attendees admitted they wouldn’t wait to feel sober before driving home, while two-thirds (65%) of festival-goers have been concerned over a friend's alcohol consumption ahead of driving home from a festival.

We understand the need for a practical and efficient solution. Temporary car insurance is perfect for groups going to a festival, and takes just 90 seconds to get a quote. With our seamless process, sober festival-goers can legally drive their friends' vehicles for a safer ride home.

*Uswitch temporary car insurance surveyed 2,000 festival-goers in June 2023

Need something a bit more long-term?

Compare annual car insurance policies and other types of cover with Uswitch

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